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So recently I signed up for life insurance with vitality because I like the emphasis they have on staying healthy and rewarding those who actively work towards staying healthy.

Once I’d signed up, I could understand the benefit of having a watch to track my movements/exercise etc, because while my phone was okay, it wasn’t perfect.

I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could find the money around me to manifest a step counter into my life rather than spend any money on it, and I am very happy to report that yes, I could, and here is how I did it with links to all the apps and resources I used to help me.

FYI – this process works for most small things you want to buy. The difference is how long it will take you!

Step 1 – Research

This is an important stage to start because it forms the basis of your manifestation attempts! If you get specific on what you want, it will be much easier to perform the next steps.

What do you need the item to do? In my case, I wanted a step tracker as a way of logging my exercise. I did not NEED a fancy, all singing, all dancing watch that I could also look at emails on and respond to messages. I loved the look of an apple watch, by the £400 price tag seriously put me off. Don’t get me wrong, I could have purchased it using a credit card, or savings I had, but that defeated the object of my personal challenge, plus I didn’t need all the bells and whistles.

So I looked at the alternatives to this and decided a fitbit would suit my purposes. I then selected a model I liked the look of that did what I needed it to.

Once I had made a decision I used two sites:

Both of these sites allowed me to see where I could buy the fitbit I wanted for the most optimal price. I also didn’t want a refurbished fitbit, so if this is you too, make sure that you check this before you buy in case you pick up something you didn’t bargain for!

Also, if it directs you to eBay, check out the seller and see what their reviews are like before parting with your well earned cash.

I eventually settled on amazon as the place I would buy the fitbit costing £89.99. This was my target for a free fitbit.

Step 2 – Decluttering

I did a declutter of my bags, purses and drawers around the house to make sure I didn’t have any left over vouchers I hadn’t used. Sadly, I didn’t have any amazon ones, but if I’m manifesting anything, this is where I would start.

Decluttering also helps to make space for the new to come in, so even if you don’t have an amazon voucher to use, you may find some things to sell that would go towards the new thing that you want. This process helps stagnant energy to flow from items you don’t want, to items you do, so it’s well worth it!

Step 3 – Cashback Resources

I checked my TopCashBack account and found that I had money to claim!

I had just over £60 that I could turn into an amazon voucher, and then TopCashBack added on a bit extra for cashing out this way. It took a day to receive the voucher. Just so you know, before you can cash any money out, you do need to go through a short verification process, but it’s easy to do, so don’t let it hold you back. If you get this sorted in advance, when you need the cash it will be easy.

I also had just over £20 in cashback that I couldn’t put towards a voucher (TopCashBack won’t allow everything to be put as a shopping voucher). So with these two payouts, I had to find an additional £6.37 to fully pay for the fitbit without any new cash being added.

I then remembered that I received cashback on purchases from my NatWest account. This is a paid for service I subscribe to, but the cash back I receive pays for the service and then some. I had £10 sat in this account which paid off the remainder of what I needed for the fitbit. NO EXTRA MONEY WAS NEEDED!!!

Step 4 – Other Things I Could Have Used But Didn’t This Time

So if I didn’t have money in my Natwest account, or enough in my TopCashBack, I could have used a few other sources.

I have a curve card that gave me cash back on a number of different shops when I first signed up. This has now ended, but the money remains ready to be used.

I also have shoppix money to use. This is a receipt snapping app that gives me a few pennies for every shopping receipt I upload. I also get points for filling out surveys with them.

Final Thoughts – delayed gratification and consistency are the key

NONE of these things on their own amount to much money. But because I have been consistently using them, I have been building up my reserves, ready for times like this.

I have a freebie download you can have that summaries many of the daily apps I use. Pick a few of them and consistently use them. Check the balances in 6-12 months and you will be pleasantly surprised! The. other key part of this is NOT to use the money too quickly. Allow it to build up and it will serve you better down the line.

Have fun! I’d love to hear what you buy with free money!




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