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Saving money is not up there on the 10 ten list of what is fun in life is it? Saving money is repetitive, it’s boring and it’s slow.

But what if we made it more fun?

I am NOT a natural saver, so I need to do things to help me stay the course when it comes to saving. So I use fun challenges and games to make saving money fun for myself….. otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do it.

I know why

The first thing to say is that I know WHY I’m saving money. I have a pot for everything from my emergency fund to my car insurance and repairs. It doesn’t matter how many savings goals you have, as long as you have them.

Before the days of monzo and starling, I opened up several (free) bank accounts and labelled them all what I was saving for. You can still do this, but banks like monzo have made it so easy now.

I use fintech

I know I keep going on about it, but did I mention that monzo was awesome?! They have a penny skimming option that means whenever you buy something in pounds and pence, the account will automatically round up to the nearest pound and bank the change for you in one of your sinking funds. Couple that with their “locked pot” function, and you’ll protect your savings from yourself too.

Plum also has this feature, but they round the pennies up and take the money out of your account once a week.

I save small and regularly

I don’t try to save too much at a time – that is a sure fire way to failure because I will inevitably forget something and need to take money back out again. So I save small amounts, regularly….

And you guessed it, I use plum for this! This account does an automatic save for me every few days, and I can adjust the “aggression” level whenever I need to.

I play games!

In addition to saving little and often, I enjoy playing games. I have the 1p challenge (that you can do too), and I know that when I complete this, I’ll have nearly £700 to put towards whatever I need.

Here are some other ideas:

  • My other-half saves his £2 coins in a jar – we’re competitive and LOVE getting £2 coins!!
  • In my facebook group, one of our ladies pays herself to do the laundry! The money she pays herself goes into her savings.
  • I’ve created bingo cards for myself so I can tick off small amounts when I save them
  • I have paid myself the money that would have been spent on something like a coffee that was bought for me
  • I read a tip from another blogger who said that when he bought things, he doubled the purchase price in his head and saved the difference – e.g. a coffee costing £3.10 becomes £6.20 and £3.10 is saved (it would certainly put me off buying coffee doing it like this!!)

I reward myself

When I reach a milestone, (e.g. £100) I reward myself with something fun. It doesn’t have to cost the earth, but it’s a great way to stay motivated!

I chart my progress

I use colouring-in charts to monitor how far along I am with my savings goals. You can do this anyway you’d like to – perhaps create something yourself using canva online, or good old-fashioned crafting stationary! Whatever works for you – stick it up somewhere and celebrate ticking off those goals!!

I (try to) leave it alone!

It’s hard sometimes to NOT dip into savings, especially if something unexpected comes up. That’s why you must have an emergency fund as well as sinking funds for everything else you need. If you find yourself ALWAYS dipping into your savings, revist your budget – have you allocated enough? Is there anything you can re-organise?

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Final Thoughts

So that’s it – the ways I use to make saving money fun. Try some of the ways I have mentioned and I would LOVE to hear yours too…. feel free to comment below!



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  1. Love love love the idea of paying myself to do things I could outsource! I would be happy to pay for a cleaner but my husband would rather do the cleaning himself instead (which you know, no complaints here) but now I’m going to put away the money I’d budgeted to pay a cleaner instead of having it disappear into general spending. Win-win!!

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