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Do you have issues with debt?

Find it hard to save money?

Wouldn’t have a clue how to start investing?

Do you never seem to have enough?


Well You’ve Come To The Right Place!!!


I’m Dr Nikki, and I believe that you don’t have true health if you have a money nightmare going on in the background…..

…..Stress, anxiety, sleepless nights, worry and constant over-work all take their toll. The evidence is out there. So if you want a truly healthy life, you need to pay attention to your money and stop the negative effect it has on your health.

I’ll help you every step of the way.





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Ways I can help you:


WAY 1: Join the community for 10 minute takeaways and the latest news on freebies and events



WAY 2: Download a freebie and receive “The Doctor’s Prescription” – a free weekly newsletter for help, support, motivation and inspiration.





WAY 3: Work with me 1:1 or sign up to one of my courses. Just click on the help tab on the side of this page to chat about what you need help with. I can also offer help with wills, insurances, mortgages and debt management through my network and wider team.






I’m  Dr Nikki!

I am a UK GP, who has a specialist interest in how money affects my patients both mentally and physically. I have a wealth of personal experience when it comes to making money mistakes myself!

I’m on a mission to help others avoid doing the same so they can improve their health and well-being around money. I want to show people that money doesn’t have to be hard. If I can do it, you can do it too.




Learn how to invest! https://nikkiramskill.podia.com/investing

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