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  …welcome to the home of The Female Money Doctor (the FIRST EVER doctor in the UK to be blogging about money….)


Do you have issues with debt? savings? investments? money in general? Do you never seem to have enough, hate the fact it has such a hold on your life but don’t know what the hell to do??

I believe that you don’t have true health if you have a money nightmare going on in the background.

Stress, anxiety, sleepless nights, worry and constant over-work all take their toll. The evidence is out there. So if you want a truly healthy life, you need to pay attention to your money and stop the negative effect it has on your health.

I’ll help you every step of the way.

Where would you like to start? Here are some ideas for you…


You can also come along and see me in my Free and Private Facebook Group – ask questions, watch my previous videos and join in with the conversation. Money doesn’t need to be a taboo and difficult subject anymore.

It is there as a tool for us to do amazing things!

Money and health are deeply inter-connected whether we like it or not. It provides us access to the basic needs of life, as well as access to the most amazing experiences and adventure. As a doctor, I see the stress around money in my patients ALL THE TIME.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

If you’re struggling, and want some help, then please get in touch! You can email me: [email protected]

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And I also have an exclusive doctor’s prescription that I send out every week directly to you at home via. email. It is packed with tips and inspiration for managing your money and is well worth signing up for! You can do that >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> HERE!

I look forward to “seeing” you in the future.








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7 thoughts on “The doctor will see you now…”

  1. Hi just seen you in the article in the Daily Mail today and I’m going to hopefully learn something from this! Look forward to reading your blog! 😊

  2. Hi Dr Nikki,

    What a great blog you have.

    I came to know about your site from the Daily Mail and wanted to wish you well and continued success.

    1. Me too. Good job! A positive move forward for you and young professionals like you. I will show my daughter who is a 4th year med student.

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