Want to feel in control of money without compromising on your lifestyle?

Dr Nikki is on a mission to help YOU to feel calm, confident and in control of money. 

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Are you always worried about money? Perhaps wish it wasn't so hard? Maybe you think you should have more left aside for what you earn?

I get you. I was the same, but I learnt what it takes to turn my money around, and I've now taken hundreds of women through the EXACT same process so they can improve their health and well-being through looking after their finances.

Be In Control

I help you to feel calm, confident and in control of money

Enjoy Your Money

I help you to bring the FUN into your budgeting plan

Have More

I help you bring more abundance into your life and align your strengths with your goals

What Others Say


Dr. Nikki’s approach to teaching the principles of managing our finances, and understanding and adjusting our money mindset, and feeling comfortable in the world of investment, is non-judgemental and easy to follow. It is effective if we are willing to put in consistent, small chunks of time and effort, to watch her videos, use the workbooks and implement the invaluable easy-to-use spreadsheets which will inevitably change our financial future for the better. She breaks everything down into manageable portions, in language that is inclusive. There is no attempt to blind us with science and she is always close at hand to explain whatever we cannot quite grasp yet


 / Abundance Clinic Member


I wanted to send you an email to thank you for your support during the course, it's been brilliant and I have learnt so much! I wish I would have had the confidence to tackle this issue many many years ago!


/ The Beginner's Investing

Success Plan


Whoop, whoop! You wouldn't believe how many things I've read or listened to, which I've just crashed and burned.. the whole, scrimp, save and only pay off. Never worked, just made me stressed, miserable and, et voila, run out and spend. You were the first advice that actually seemed possible and real, and sharing your story made it even more real. I'm really so grateful!


/ The Beginner's Investing

Success Plan

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