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  1. Hi Nikki! I found your blog through the Hippocratic hustle podcast. I am a female interventional radiologist in the US who has been carefully mapping her financial future for the last 10 years after finishing training (Lots of saving instead of spending and investing both in the stock market and real estate). And now I am finding myself in a place where soon I will be able to choose What type of career adventure comes next, regardless of salary). My husband and I would really love to spend some time in the UK. If possible, I would love to either practice radiology, or would even consider going back for supplemental training just as a way to gain new experiences and broaden my professional horizons. Do you have any idea if this is a possibility? I know there are difficulties with work visas for US citizens in the UK, but at least maintaining high salary is not a concern as we approach financial freedom. Any advice, ideas or leads you might have would be helpful. Thank you!

    1. Hi Leah, thank you for your comment! What an amazing opportunity you have now, how exciting! I should think with your skills, you could certainly approach hospitals and see if they have any opportunities. I’d think of areas you’d like to live in and look for clinical fellowship jobs in those areas. Get in contact with people on linked in as well. It will come down to whether there are jobs available. Locum agencies like Medacs may also be helpful to you. Good luck! Email me if you would like xx

  2. Hi Dr Ramskill! I’m a US paediatrician and I blog about finance for women physicians also! I haven’t found many (actually, only two) other women physicians who write about money, and no other in primary care (GP). Looking forward to reading your posts! The earning and savings aspects are very different in the US than in the UK, but some are very similar. And if you are willing to look at my site and give me any thoughts or feedback I would be very grateful 🙂 Cheers.

    1. Hi Margaret! It’s so lovely to hear from you! I will certainly take a look at your site – have you come across the Hippocratic Hustle podcast? Carrie is doing a great job of raising the profile of female physicians doing things outside of their field of work, including blogging about money! Take care, and Happy New Year! Dr Nikki x

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