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Sometimes life feels like a struggle. We push and push to get what we want, but it never seems to help move us any closer to what we’re aiming for.

When I first heard the phrase “like pushing water up a hill”, I knew I wasn’t alone in this. Building a business is hard, but I think it is made worse by falling short of what we “should” be doing. There is a lot of stuff out there telling us to “join the 5am club” and “hustle”. It’s exhausting, and if you can’t keep up the fast pace, it can feel like failure!

I’ve since realised that it doesn’t have to be that way – and this is through harnessing the power of manifesting.

What Is Manifesting?

Manifesting is linked to a higher power. It is the idea that all energy comes from one source – call it what you will, God, Universe, Source, She, Goddess, whatever. The energy from source is within us and we can access it any time to create what we want to see in our lives (including drama I might add).

This is not “wishful thinking” – dreaming up an idea and then holding your hands out waiting for the universe to deliver the goods. Oh no no no…

Manifesting is a process of bringing a dream you have in your head into conscious reality. It’s about making those goals and dreams you have come true. But you have to take inspired action in order to make it happen – you’re working with the universe to create it together.

The Energy Of Money


In her book, “The Energy Of Money”, Maria Nemeth* talks about the “Hero’s Journey”. This involves using the energy of money to bring “goals and dreams into physical reality”. When we have an idea for what we want to achieve or have, the energy of this needs to be transferred into real life through taking action. This is point 1 on the diagram.

As we start to take action on this, by perhaps budgeting or investing, we encounter the “monkey mind and other problems that get in our way. When we’re building savings, we may get a big bill and feel like we’re starting from. square one. Or we may having savings to buy a house but then something goes wrong and the house we thought we were after disappears off the market!

Monkey Mind

Out monkey mind fills us with doubt, and when it all goes wrong, it can be tempting at this point to give up, but unbeknown to us, if we had just kept going, success would be on the other side of the problem!

This is where manifesting can really help. I see manifesting as the invisible support that is guiding us across the “border” from the metaphysical (imagination) to the physical (reality). It’s the feeling of not being alone in what you’re doing. That “something” is there helping to guide you along the path. It’s what happens when you surrender and allow things to unfold naturally, rather than pushing water up a hill.

Tips From The Gurus 

So as you can imagine, I have done A LOT of reading around this subject, and have pulled out some of my favourite manifesting tips that I use regularly to achieve my goals and dreams.

Here is the run down for you – I highly recommend that if something appeals to you, you go and find out more, because the manifesting world is HUGE and there is so much noise out there!


My first tip comes from Denise Duffield Thomas and her Money Bootcamp – she talks about using decluttering to make space in your life to call in the new that you want. The bi-product of this is finding loose change, old vouchers and things to sell to make you some cash!

If you don’t feel you have time – declutter one thing. It could be a drawer, an email inbox or your wallet – in fact, START with your wallet. Having a beautiful purse that is free of junk to honour the money you put in it is a sign to the universe that you’re onboard with manifesting.

The “God” Box

This tip comes from Tosha Silver and her book, “It’s not your money“*. She suggests writing your frustrations and worries on pieces of paper and popping them into a box for God to deal with. Personally, I’m not comfortable calling it the God box, so call it The “help me” box. I have it on my desk, and when something is bothering me that I would like some help with, I put it in the box and forget about it. The universe will deal with it when the timing is right.

Then remove the pieces after a few months, read them if you like (to see how far you’ve come and what has been shifted) and then burn them (safely please!) to start all over again.

Giving And Receiving Boards

I love this beautiful tip from Denise Martinez Rossini. She talks about creating a “giving” board as well as a “vision” board. The thinking behind this is that women are often closed to calling in what they want for fear of being selfish or greedy. So she says to open your channels of abundance by showing yourself all of the awesome things you’ll be able to GIVE to others. Think about your family and what you can do for them. What charities will you be able to support? Who else could you help? Then have fun creating a vision board for the stuff YOU want too.

Write It Down And Figure It Out

I loved Marie Forleo’s latest book – “Everything is figureoutable“*, and the two tips that really stood out to me was firstly – write your goals down REGULARLY. A goal not written down is far less likely to happen than a goal written somewhere. So get that list started and figure out the steps to get there. That takes me onto the other main takeaway – there are no problems, just things to figure out. Remember the monkey mind and encountering trouble at the border – success is just around the corner if you just keep going.

Look For Signs

This tip comes from “The Universe Has Your Back” by Gabrielle Bernstein*. She talks about asking for a sign from the universe that you’re on the right path. I often look for the number 23, as I feel this is my sign to show me that I’m being supported by the universe. It helped me in all sorts of ways! But you could pick an animal, or a feather or any other object to help point you in the right direction.

Work To Your Strengths

While this isn’t a tip from a manifesting guru per se, I do think it helps massively!! Gay Hendricks, in his book “The Big Leap”*, talks about working in your “zone of genius” and focusing on tasks that you’re good at – not beating yourself up over things you can’t do. When you work to your natural talents and strengths, life feels easier. This is because you are working WITH the flow of the universe and the gifts you were given, NOT against it. So if you’re a natural creative stuck in a job that limits creativity, it will make you miserable.

Work to your strengths – find other people who are awesome at the thing you suck at.

Be A Great Custodian

Manifesting works best when you are a great custodian of what you already have. We often think about pouring more money in to “save ourselves”, but actually, this just puts fuel on the fire. Look at lottery winners who eventually spend every penny and are back to square one again! So this tip, from Thomas J. Stanley’s book – The Millionaire Next Door* is about exactly this concept. Look after your money by having a budget, put it to work by investing it, and more will come.


I have a mssive girl-crush on a woman called Rebecca Campbell, and she has a book called “Light Is The New Black”. She is such an inspiring writer, and talks about how everything happens in our life for a purpose – it happens “for us” not “to us”. When you shift your thinking like this, you can see that everything happens with the input of the universe and “divine timing” – when it is meant to happen, not when we say it should. Like trying to “plan” when to have a baby, or aiming to be a millionaire by a certain age.

All the problems we encounter, all the traumas and hardships, however painful, are part of the process of learning and growth. We become more of who we are meant to be through them if we trust that it is part of our path (even if it means taking a wrong turn from time to time).

Make It Easy

Again, this is not manifesting in the strictest sense but I think it has a huge part to play in the ease at which we manifest our goals and dreams. James Clear, in his book “Atomic Habits”, talks about 1% changes every day rather than “big leaps” that can leave us deflated when we don’t live up to them.

Learn While You Sleep

Anna Thompson has a lovely audio-book that you can use while you sleep. I love the idea that our subconscious can respond to suggestions and learn about abundance thinking while our conscious mind is asleep! Give it a try and see how life changes for you.

Final Thoughts

This has been a fun post to write, and hope you’ve enjoyed it. Follow up on the tips and read the books I have suggested, because you will definitely pick up different tips that resonate with you and your situation.

Have fun with manifesting and embrace it into your life!

Lots of Love,




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