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Now we’re in the new year, I decided that I would not allow so many books to go unread. I’m guilty of the impulsive book purchase, but then never get around to reading it!!

Perhaps this is you too?

“An unread book is just a block of paper” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

I didn’t want to go another year without reading the books that I have on my shelf and on my kindle, so today I am sharing with you what I plan to read and why. My aim is to get through 1 book a month. It remains to be seen whether it will happen, but it’ll be fun to try!

Why Only 12?

Many successful online entrepreneurs will say that you need to be reading all the time! There are varying numbers thrown around, like 2 a week or 1 every day, and there are numerous youtube videos and self-help guides to teach you how to do this.

But quite frankly, I won’t be putting this kind of pressure on myself.

I question how much is actually retained through speed-reading, and in my opinion it certainly isn’t enjoyable like this. If a book is a good one though, it could always be revisited (which I have often done!).

I plan to read before I go to sleep in order to wind down for the day and when I have finished my exam, I’ll be reading in my lunch breaks. Slow and steady wins the race, and I want to absorb myself in a book thoroughly rather than rush through.

Frugal Tips For Sourcing The Books

The first books I will tackle will be the ones already on my kindle and on audible. January is a no-spend month for me, so I certainly won’t be buying anything new.

Then, when these are done, I’ll use an app called Libby to borrow books online from my local library to try and avoid spending money where possible. Only after this will I buy them!

I prefer my kindle now, purely for portability purposes (don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a second-hand book shop), but also because they are usually cheaper too! If I really love something, I might go and buy a physical copy, but if you’re planning on keeping it frugal like me, go for the kindle version!

Why Have I Picked What I’ve Picked?

I used to love reading fiction- in fact, this was only what I read many years ago. There’s something about opening up a book and losing myself for an hour! However, given that I rarely have loads of time for this, I started replacing the books I was reading with non-fiction. Books on business, blogging, personal development and all round positivity are now firmly on my list!

So the books I want to read this year are exactly that – those that will enhance my understanding or knowledge about something and/or are positive and uplifting.

The Books I Want To Read/Listen To

So the following are a list of 12 books that I plan to read or listen to this year. I think 12 is a good place to start – it’s one a month and more “do-able”. If I manage more, then that’s a bonus! Reading non-fiction is more hard going that fiction in my opinion, so I am happy with my 12!

I have also signed up to the Goodreads 2019 Reading Challenge to stay accountable.

If you have read any of them, let me know what you thought of it in the comments! If you haven’t, why not read them with me and we can compare notes later….feel free to comment a list of the books you want to read this year and I’ll take a look!

If you buy a book through clicking on my links (the titles of each book), I will receive a small commission that makes no difference to the cost of the book to you. This money is going on keeping my site up and running and free for everyone to use! Thank you!

Becoming; Michelle Obama

This book was on my wishlist as soon as I heard she had written it. I received it from my fiancé as a gift this Christmas (he knows I have a thing for strong powerful women!!). I’ll be interested to know more about her life and what it is like being married to a president. I think she’s inspiring, and she does so much for women and girls rights across the world. She’s an amazing role-model, and I think her book is going to be a fascinating read.

DIY Investor; Andy Bell

I like to keep refreshing my knowledge of investing, and I also like to read about other people’s methods and ideas. I have read some complimentary reviews of this book, so I thought I’d see for myself and give it a go.

Your Money Or Your Life; Vicki Robin

This book has been regarded as the Bible of the FI/RE movement. I absolutely appreciate the gift that is financial independence, and this is certainly what I am planning to achieve one day. I am looking forward to giving this a read and see what all the fuss is about!

Chillpreneur; Denise Duffield-Thomas

I love Denise and I have read all her previous books. I like her down to earth, no BS approach to life and business. She has certainly inspired me along the way, and I’m looking forward to reading about her ideas that don’t involve the “hustle and grind” that is so often spoken about to achieve success.

Low Cost High Life; Mark Homer

This has been on my list for ages, and I’ve never quite got round to it. This year will be different! Mark Homer is the business partner of Rob Moore (also featured in this list) and the due have achieved an absolutely incredible empire together. I’m looking forward to reading his tips – he also has a great podcast that I dip in and out of. He explains how the rich buy things – it’s not how most of us go and buy stuff that’s for sure.

The 4-Hour Work Week; Timothy Ferriss

Again, this is another book I have been meaning to read for ages. I think there will be some interesting concepts in here that I could apply to my own life and business. People rave about it, so I want to see for myself!

Quiet; Susan Cain

I have purchased this book already and it’s waiting for me on my kindle! I definitely identify as an introvert, and through my work I have learned to be more extroverted at specific points. My belief is that there is power in being introverted, but it can often be seen as “shy” or “antisocial” behaviour to those who are not. I’m looking forward to reading what Susan has to say on the subject and to feel ok with being an introvert.

Tools Of Titans; Timothy Ferriss

Something else by Tim Ferriss! I heard Denise Duffield-Thomas talking about this book in one of hers (I forget which one!), and seeing as she found it useful, I thought I’d find out more. From what I understand, it is a summary of the methods and practices of billionaires that he has interviewed. Should be useful!

Start Now, Get Perfect Later; Rob Moore

I’ve read many of Rob’s previous books, including “Money” and “Life Leverage“. He has some practical and useful ideas about life and business, and I am looking forward to reading his latest edition. “Starting before you’re ready” is a scary idea, especially to a self-proclaimed perfectionist, but I’m learning to embrace the “less the perfect” approach, and this book will only enhance that!

You Are A Badass Everyday; Jen Sincero

I love all of Jen Sincero’s previous books (you are a badass at making money and you are a bad ass) – she’s incredibly funny to listen to on audible. It felt only right to give her latest one a try. She talks often about the universe and asking for what you want, but in a really down-to-earth, no BS kind of way. It certainly made a difference to my outlook on things so hopefully this one will do the same.

The 5 Second Rule; Mel Robbins

It’s easy to do the things I like to do (like writing this blog for example), but I find it sooooooooo hard to get motivated for everything else (like going to the gym). I would love to read more on “how to make myself do stuff”, and apparently this book will show me how!

The Million Dollar Blog; Natasha Courtenay-Smith

This is another one that has been on my list, pretty much since starting my own blog. So that I can continue to do this (and grow it to reach more people), a blog ideally needs to make money. My ideal situation would be to bring in enough money to free me up from full time work for 2 days a week, and then who knows – but at the moment it doesn’t even wash it’s own face!! I’m looking forward therefore to reading more about what else I could be doing to make my blog even better!

That’s a wrap!

Well there you go – my 12 books for 2019. I would love to do more, but if I can manage these 12 at the very least, I will be satisfied. Let me know what you’re planning on reading, I’d love to find more books for inspiration!

Good luck in whatever challenge you set yourself – don’t forget to sign up to good reads and keep yourself on track.

For more challenges and support with your money goals, why not come over to my Facebook Group? We’re currently doing the 1p challenge, de-cluttering our lives and homes AND doing a no-spend. It’s a fab way to kick off 2019!!

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4 thoughts on “The 12 Books I’ll Be Reading This Year”

  1. That looks like an awesome lineup
    I have read some, but not all, of those.
    I hope you post an update with reviews or impressions later.
    I read a lot but should be more strategic like this.
    I actually think I read too much. It is hard to make an impression or change when buzzing through dozens of books.

    1. Yes I agree – I think sometimes going too quick can be overwhelming! I tried doing that last year and just burnt out! So this year I am taking it slowly and I will try and absorb what I’m learning. I will definitely do an update post at the end of the year – you read my mind! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by – good luck with whatever you’re up to in 2019!!

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