Should I Pay Off Debt BEFORE I Invest?





Whether to pay off debt first before starting to invest has been a conundrum for so many people! I had the same question when I first started properly taking care of my money – the finance books said yes, pay off the debt first, then you can focus on saving and investing.

Now I didn’t like this – I have a lot of debt, and it is taking ages to pay off, so that means I have to wait for ages before I can even touch investing?

Well thankfully it turns out that this isn’t true, and that actually I can pay off debt, AND invest AND save at the same time – and in fact, this is absolutely what you should be doing because it helps you avoid going back into debt once and for all.

Take a watch and see what you think!



So I hope that has given you some insight into how this might also be possible for you too. Investing is not something we can afford to put off because every month counts towards your future in a BIG way.

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