The Best Money Personality Quiz I Have Ever Done! Lessons From The Sacred Money Archetypes®

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With the risk of sounding a bit “woo-woo” or “wishy-washy” in this post, I wanted to talk to you about personality typing, specifically, The Sacred Money Archetypes®.

Last year I did a course online in this subject, and quite honestly, it was probably the most accurate personality test I have done to-date (this includes Myers-Briggs).

The Quiz Link

The woman who ran the course was Denise Duffield-Thomas (a.k.a The Luck Bitch or DDT), and she launches the course intermittently throughout the year. The link for the personality quiz is here. The questions ask about your attitudes to spending and saving money, your tolerance for risk, and whether you often give money away to others. She then sends you your result and a video to teach you about your type.

Just so you know, I don’t gain anything financially from you doing this quiz. It’s not an affiliate link. I just found it fascinating, so I wanted to share my results and how it changed my thinking, because it might just help you too!

The Sacred Money Archetypes®

DDT wasn’t the original creator of the course. This was actually thought up by Kendall Summerhawk a business coach for women who then allows others to use her work to coach others with a paid-license.

The types include:




The idea is that after doing the quiz, you have a “top-3” that make up the core of your main money-personality. For some people this is really clear-cut, but for others, they have many possible results.

The great thing is that it doesn’t pigeon-hole you into a box, because you can call on the strengths of any of the personality types as you need to, or find ways of working with your personality type by finding people with opposite types to you.

I’m not allowed to teach you this subject as it is under copyright, but I think its useful to go through my results and tell you my thoughts on how accurate they are, and how DDT’s course changed my thinking. If you do DDT’s quiz, she’ll tell you more about your top archetype, so after you’ve read my review, why not give it a go yourself!

My Results

I came out with the following three archetypes:

  1. Maverick – risk taker, action taker, entrepreneurial, happy to take financial risks for big rewards
  2. Ruler – empire builder, workaholic, focused and driven, doesn’t like to spend money
  3. Accumulator – good at managing money, rarely in debt, doesn’t like to spend money

My Thoughts

I had many a “light-bulb” moment in this course, including when I realised that I had an entrepreneurial personality buried beneath my many layers of negative-thinking and limiting beliefs. Finding out that I had accumulator in my top three demonstrated that my new-found passion should be something I share with others, giving me the permission I needed to start this blog. I know no-one really needs “permission” per se, but when you realise that your own thought processes hold you back, its very liberating to push past them!

I also had three other main thoughts when doing her course, and I’m going to share these with you now.

The types can change

I repeated the quiz again one year after doing the course, and I still have these top three. My first thought was, if I had done this quiz 3 years ago (before I started educating myself about money), I definitely would NOT have accumulator in the top three. I most certainly would have had maverick there, because this is the one I identify with the absolute most, but accumulator, no way.

For clues, I looked down the list at the other results I got:

  1. Maverick – 32
  2. Ruler – 31
  3. Accumulator – 29
  4.  Nurturer – 24
  5. Celebrity – 22
  6. Romantic – 17
  7. Alchemist – 15
  8. Connector – 13

I decided to stick with my top 5 as the rest felt too low down the list to have a huge affect on me most of the time.

Nurturers are carers, who find it easy to spend money on others (I’m a doctor, and I find it really easy to buy things for other people – even going over budget to do so), and Celebrities are those who like to spend money on “status symbols” – shoes, clothes, holidays etc. My first blog post has a picture of my first ever pair of Christian Louboutin Shoes. I have a self-confessed weakness for designer shoes. 

So I think if I had done this quiz 3 years ago, I would have definitely had nurturer or celebrity somewhere higher up in the top 3. Since my education, the balance has shifted, and I now value my long term freedom much, much more.

The types all have good and bad qualities

If I was thinking negatively, I would think that my top three are awful outcomes. Workaholic, psycho-bitch is what actually springs to mind. A split “personality” of spending money frivolously, and saving money religiously.

I mean, what??

I chose to look at this differently though. Yes, I work hard, but then I know also how to play hard (I think this is a lesson you learn as a doctor during fresher’s week – or fortnight as it was at St. George’s). Being focused got me into medical school. It keeps me writing blogs, even when I don’t feel like it. It helps me pass exams. All very useful things!

If I allowed my maverick to run away with ideas, I’d be in a much bigger financial mess. The two other top qualities I have balance this one out to keep me grounded and safe financially. I need to be more thrifty than frivolous in order to gain traction in paying off debt. On the other hand, being an action taken meant that I got into investing quickly. I didn’t procrastinate!

Nurturers can give away so much of their money all the time that they never have any – but then they are also caring of others which is a fab quality to have.

Celebrities can be self-absorbed and selfish, or use their status for good and highlight problems to help do something about it.

There is no “right or wrong” personality type. They all have good and bad qualities, it just depends on your perspective.

The types can be “borrowed”

I mentioned that I didn’t feel like the bottom 3 of the list influenced me on a day-to-day basis. However, I can borrow the qualities of these types for my advantage whenever I want to. During networking meetings I will channel the qualities of the connector. I can’t do this all the time, because networking drains my energy (something to do with being an introvert I believe), but when I need it, it’s there.

The alchemist is a really interesting type. These are people who always seem to have the money they need to get by. They “fly by the seat of their pants” so to speak. Now I think this is an amazing quality, but if relied on too much, can be really stressful, especially if you need money to pay your rent or something! But in small doses, this type is super powerful.

Think about the times when you wanted so badly to buy something, but thought you didn’t have any money, only to find an old voucher you forgot you had, or points on your loyalty card to buy it instead. Coins on the floor or strange coincidences are other examples.

I have used the essence of this personality without realising it at times, but this is a skill you can learn to become much better at it. Just google “the power of attraction” or “manifesting” and there are tonnes of resources on it. My favourite is Denise Duffield-Thomas’ book “Get Rich, Lucky Bitch”*. She shares loads of manifesting tips and ideas which you can start straight away.

You might be a skeptic and think I’m nuts for saying it, but what if you’re wrong? I don’t think it hurts to believe it. Manifesting works for me, so I’m certainly not going to be giving it up any time soon.


I hope this post has grabbed your interest! Even if you don’t do the course, I definitely think its worth doing the quiz just to see what you got! The book is a great read too, and the author has a free podcast. Its mainly about women in business, but there are some great nuggets of information within it that everyone can benefit from.

Now over to you – in the comments below, or tell me in the Facebook group what result you got! 

Until next time,




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