The Female Money Doctor's Little Black Book

Here's a collection of apps/professionals/companies that I think you'll find helpful when it comes to looking after your money. Please do your own research before using anything on here.

Just so you know, I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you for anything you click on or access. 

Financial Planners & Advisers

Ben & Jenna Mulroney

I love this husband and wife duo's energy! They are really passionate about helping people with their finances and they offer a hybrid service that enables you to manage your own investments and pensions, but with the knowledge that you have expert guidance just a phonecall or an email away.

You can have a chat with them for free to start with to find out if you're a good fit, and how they can help you.

Drop them a message to get started...

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Insurance Brokers

Cover My Bubble

Cover My Bubble are a family run business close to my heart. They have their own story to tell, relating to not having any insurance in place. 

Emma and her Husband Chris founded the business after the sad loss of their daughter in 2006. They understand firsthand the financial and emotional suffering that happens.

Whether you need insurance for your family, mortgage, children, personal circumstances or funeral costs, they have the experience to help you find the policy that’s right for you. They are independent and cover whole of market.

They offer a stress free, no obligation service to support you in your needs.

Watch my interview with founder Emma here.

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Mortgage Brokers

Create Finance

Create Finance are specialist brokers, working with the whole of
the market, to find clients the mortgage deal that meets their
unique circumstances.

They cover and specialise in:

  • Movers and First Time Buyers
  • Remortgage and Capital Raising
  • Mortgages for those with adverse credit
  • Buy to let mortgages
  • Contractors and professionals e.g. locum doctors
  • Self-employed people

Get in touch for an initial chat and see if they can help you.

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Have you tried Sprive? It’s free to download and it helps you put spare cash towards your mortgage so you can pay it off faster and save in interest. It also allows you to review your current mortgage and switch for a better deal.

Complete sign up with my code: DQWMDSZR

Accountants & Book-keepers

The Taxman UK

Getting your tax bill sorted can feel like a massive headache, but it doesn't have to be! The Taxman UK specialises in delivering a comprehensive online UK tax service for all UK non-residents. So whether you are an expat working or living out of the country but still earning an income in the UK from things like a pension, rent, interest from savings, dividends or wages, meaning you fall under the demands of HMRC or you are a Non-UK Domicile who is looking to avoid paying unnecessary taxes, they’re around to help make life less taxing.

Plus, by going via. The Female Money Doctor, you'll get £15 off the bill too... #winning! 

Will Writers

With Make A Will Online, you get the peace of mind of knowing a solicitor has checked your will. Anyone can call themselves a “will writer” or offer a “legal check”. A solicitor, on the other hand, is a qualified legal professional.

They are the only online wills provider to offer this service and have been granted an Innovation Space Waiver by the Solicitors Regulation Authority to do so.

They pride themselves in offering you the best possible peace of mind for the best price.

Useful Finance Apps

Snoop - Budgeting Made Simple

I use snoop to keep an eye on my budget. It helps me to see what is coming up to be paid and alerts me to when my bills have gone up so I can review them quickly and save money. It's free to try out, so if you need a handy buddy to look out for your money, this is a good option.

LOQBOX - Build Your Credit Score Without A Credit Card

They are a company who want to help people improve their credit score WITHOUT having to open a credit card. The idea is that you save money into a savings account that to a credit scoring agency, looks like you're paying off a debt with LOQBOX. You keep up the payments for 12 months, and at the end, open up one of their affiliate's regular savings accounts or an ISA to get all your savings back free of charge, OR if you just want the money back, you pay a fee of £30 to do so. Overall I think this is an interesting and useful concept. Many people don't use credit for buying things, so never build up a score. This only becomes a problem when they then come to buy a house or other big purchase. I really hate the fact that people have to go into debt in order to build their score - it just seems topsy turvy to me!

Watch my interview with founder Gregor here.

Plum - Build Savings Without Trying

I used plum to save my first £1000 emergency fund. It helped me to get there without feeling like I was trying! 

They take a small amount from your account regularly after looking at your spending and save it for you in a secure e-wallet. The best part is that this service is entirely free too! You can pay a small monthly fee for additonal extras, but the basic savings plan is free. 

I tried chip alongside Plum when I first started out and I found it equally as helpful! Like plum, Chip allows you to save and invest.

I suggest you try out both and see which one resonates the most with you.

Solicitors & Lawyers

Coming Soon...

Health & Wellbeing

Health Insurance - Sally & Andy Greenwood

Sally and her husband, Andy, specialise in helping people find the right cover for their budget.

They are now in their 15th year of running their business and pride themselves on listening to and understanding other people’s needs and requirements.

There is no cost in having a chat to see if they can help you – and they offer a range of cover from low cost health cash plans to full private medical insurance.

If you would like to find out more about how they can help you, please fill in the contact form and they will be in touch.

Watch my interview with Sally here.

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