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Managing your money doesn't need to be overwhelming, boring or hardwork.

How many times have you started a budget only to crash and burn? Did that "one app" promise that it would solve all your money issues? Or perhaps you've been told a spreadsheet is the way forward? The problem is, there are so many options out there it's hard to know where to turn, and not all of them are suitable for everyone!

We use journals and planner to organise our lives, kids, business and career, so what not for our money too? 

So this physical, high-quality paper planner has been designed with you in mind... with video tutorials and help every step of the journey, it's more than a planner, it's a mini-revolution for your finances!

Why Is This A Mini-Revolution For Your Finances?

There are lots of ways you could manage your money out there, but sometimes you just want a pen and paper to do it. This planner allows you to do just that!

EASY Tracking

There are plenty of things to track from paying off debt, building your savings and looking at what abundance is flowing into your life - the more you track, the more you can see what's happening!

There is no overwhelm or complicated jargon to understand. Just you and your colouring pens!

SIMPLE Budgeting

Arg! It's the B-word!!! Honestly, there is no need to feel overwhelmed by this. I know that traditionally a budget is boring and complicated, but with this planner you'll have the opportunity to set up a simplified spending plan every month that makes you wonder why you didn't do it like this sooner!

PROGRESS with Grace & Ease

The net worth and credit score trackers help you to see how you are progressing every month - it's a joy to see it improve and change!

This is how you build wealth with grace and ease - one month at a time.


Every month you'll be able to plan ahead and work out where you need to direct your money so that there are no nasty surprises. There is also a handy calendar to list out when all your bills come out so you'll always be on top.

You already journal and plan for your personal developement/life/career/

business, so why not do the same for your money?

“If nothing changes, nothing changes. If you keep doing what you're doing, you're going to keep getting what you're getting. You want change, make some.”

― Courtney C. Stevens, The Lies About Truth

Step 1: Click to buy

Head over to the purchasing page and order your planner. It can take 2 weeks to arrive. Choose the VIP postage option for faster and trackable delivery!

Step 2: sit back and relax - your planner is on it's way!

Use this time to go out and get yourself some nice new pens in different colours (sharpies work well!) and some stickers so you can start to track with style once your planner arrives.

Also, come and join my FREE facebook group so you can find likeminded souls for support.

Step 3: use your planner!

Once your planner arrives, start using it straight away! There are QR codes scattered throughout the planner to help you. Click on those and they take you to an explainer video on the section you're working on. Once you've gone through these you have a FULL 12-month planner to fill out.

What Others Say


I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for the amazing Money Planner. It has finally helped me to get my head around money. I had been burying in my head in the sand a bit, but the simple step by step approach has helped me so much. I now have a plan for paying off my debts and for the first time ever have an emergency fund! It’s really helped to educate me (love the videos!) and altogether change my money mindset. Not so long ago I felt so trapped and helpless in my financial situation, but now I see a clear path out of debt and beyond that, actually into growing my wealth. Thank you so, so much!


 / FMD Community Member


With The Healthy Money Planner, I feel like I am fully in control of my money. I know where it is, I know how much I have, I know how much I need, and I know when I need it by. I can track my progress, and I can refresh my memory easily when I need to, using the QR codes to take me to the videos.

I rarely give anything full marks, but I honestly cannot find a single thing to mark down. The fonts used are clear and dyslexia friendly – something I always look for as a disability advocate. The structure is clear and easy to follow. This planner, I believe, is the only money planner you will ever need. I’ll never buy a competing brand again. 10/10 from me.


/ and FMD Community Member


As an absolute beginner, joining Nikki's online community and doing the Investing for beginners course helped in my first steps as an investor. But then I had quite a few deadlines to remember in a year time and I was struggling to find a place where to save them. That's when the planner came along - perfect timing, really. All in one place, I feel I am in control of what my friendly money is doing for me. Great tool for my money dates as well.


/ FMD Community Member

 BudgeT smarter

The Money-Pie Budget

You'll learn how to budget your money in a way that simplifies rather that complicates.

stay organised

keep everything in one place

There's a section for remembering important things like which bank accounts you have, where important documents are kept in your house and a place to pop down all your money-making ideas. It helps you stay organised!

plan ahead


Inside you'll find a section that helps you to plan ahead with all your bills so you're always aware when something needs to be paid. You'll also be able to plan out your monthly budget, set yourself reminders and rate yourself on how you're doing!

 stay motivated


I have set up an area for you to track your net worth, credit score, savings and debts. This helps you stay the course and keep heading towards your goals! I have also included some tips on how to stay motivated throughout.

get out of debt

The debt snowball

You'll learn how to get out of debt and stay out of it forever! Plus I have included a handy way to track every time you pay something off towards your debt. It's time to ditch it FOREVER!

Ready To Buy your planner now - just £36 + P&P

For every planner you buy, I'll plant a tree (at no extra cost to you!) via:


How many months does your planner cover?

The planner has a section to learn HOW to use it which has a full month included for you to practice with, plus an additional space for a full 12-months. There are no months or dates on the planner, so you can customise it as you go.

How will I learn how to use the planner?

This is easy! What makes this planner stand out is the QR codes dotted throughout.

The QR codes can be accessed from a QR scanning app you can download onto your phone, or directly on your phone's camera - just point the camera at the barcode and it'll link to training videos that explain how to use the section you're on. If you ever get stuck, you can email me anytime or come into the facebook group and find a buddy working on the planner too!

How long will it take me to learn how to use the planner?

Of course that is completely up to you - your learning style, how much time you have to use it etc. What I suggest is that you dedicate a small block of time every week initially to get yourself familiar with it. You don't have to fill it all out in one go, just pick one area and do that. 

So for example, you may want to tackle your debt first. In which case you can focus just on the debt tracking page, list out all your debts and celebrate when you pay down some debt!

It's your planner, so use it how it feels comfortable to you!

I often start things and struggle to finish them, but I want it to be different this time. How can I stay motivated to use the planner?

This is such an awesome question, thank you! I often struggle with seeing things through too, and I am guilty of buying things and either not using them, or not using them fully to gain the maximum benefit. 

There are some tips in the planner to help you with motivation, but my biggest advice is to schedule time in to work with your planner - a "money-date" if you like. Set aside 30 minutes once a week and fill in the boxes to plan out the month and record your spending. Find a way that suits you to record income and outgoings. I use my phone, but also have banking apps that alert me when I've been paid or when I've spent money. Using a small notebook, or the notes on your phone is also helpful.

The other thing you can do is ask for a "planner buddy" in the facebook group. Someone you can pair up with to hold eachother accountable.

Can this planner help me with retirement planning?

Yes it can! There is a section in the planner that helps you to track your assets and your net worth. Providing you know what net worth goal you're after, you know what you're aiming for and can track it using this planner. If you want to actually learn more about investing and calculating how much you need to retire with, then you might want to check out my investing course instead for more detail.

Why should I use a physical planner over an app on my phone?

I totally get where you're coming from here! I have several apps on my phone that I LOVE to use, however, for me, nothing beats actually physically writing down my numbers and using colouring pens to get creative. Writing stuff down actually fires up the right parts of your brain to help you with memory and retention too - you're literally creating and reinforcing new pathways every time you do! You can use this planner in conjunction with other things you use to build your confidence even more.

Do you use sustainable products to make the planner?

It's a really great question - the planners are print-on-demand by lulu publishing, which limits storage and wastage of planners being printed unnecessarily. They also limit their carbon footprint by using printing presses as close to the person who has purchased the book as possible. They use Forest Stewardship Council certified paper for printing.

The paper can be torn from the spiral binder and recycled (but please be mindful of sensitive data!). You will need to check your local guidance on whether the spiral binder can be recycled in your area as this can vary greatly.

They a B-Corp certified, and you can see lulu's B-Corp impact score here:

How is your planner different?

This is a fab question! Throughout the planner you will find QR codes - hold your smart phone camera or app up to them and you will see a link pop-up. The link will take you to a page that has a video you can watch that will explain how to use the planner. So what you're getting is a planner AND online video training to help see you through. It's a "living" book if you will! This is what I believe makes my planner different. This planner combines all the amazing things I have learnt over the years about managing money - it's an all-in-one-go-to that will help you to feel calm, confident and in control of your money. Everything in one place!

Is the planner undated?

Yes - there are no dates in the planner, so you can start anytime.

My question isn't here - how can I ask you?

No problem! Please send me an email to [email protected] and I'll answer your question ASAP. 

Dr Nikki

Dr Nikki, aka The Female Money Doctor, is the ONLY doctor to be featured in the top 25 feedspot list of Personal Finance Blogs in the UK and Plum's top 5 financial blogs for Female Financial Independence.

With over 10 years of experience as an NHS doctor and women’s health specialist, she sees the impact poor money management skills have on the mental health of her patients and colleagues, and is on a mission to change that.

She believes that we cannot be truly healthy while a money nightmare is going on in the background.

She has trained as a money coach and now helps women from all over the world to improve their mental health and well-being through getting organised with their finances and building wealth for the future they truly deserve.

Wealthy women ARE changing the world, and she is playing her unique part in making it happen through her award winning blog, The Female Money Doctor. com

When she's not making money magic she's travelling around the world, enjoying wine and hanging out with her gorgeous Husband Tom.

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