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Have you ever heard of an abundance altar before? Perhaps it’s not something you’ve come across, but I’ve been in several groups online now that discuss the merits of creating a focus in your house for attracting in abundance and wealth.

If you’re into Feng Shui then you’ll know that this practice also helps to bring prosperity into your house, so the concept isn’t new – it’s been around for thousands of years!

As soon as I heard about abundance altars, I decided to create one for myself, and here is my share of what I did so you can do it too!

A book I recommend to help with inspiration is Witch by Lisa Lister*. She talks about how to create an abundance altar and what to include, as well as lots of other ideas for connecting with the universe/source/mother nature to help with all areas of your life.


You can put your altar anywhere in the house, but I have chosen to put mine where I spend a lot of my time and that’s my home office. Plus it makes a nice backdrop for my videos!

I think as long as it’s placed somewhere you can see it often to enjoy it, that’s all that matters. I don’t have children or pets, so bear in mind little hands and paws – you don’t want anything broken!!


Flowers are a fabulous addition to an abundance altar – in my view they are the ultimate representation of abundance. They come from nature after all!

Orchids are my favourite flower, so of course one has to be on there! I have finally worked out how to keep them alive, and it brings me so much joy to see them flowering and changing.

Peonies and roses are also beautiful flowers. Rebecca Campbell likes to talk about how flowers can teach us something, and she says that the peony represents personal growth and revealing whats deep inside us over time like layers of an onion shedding.

It doesn’t matter which flowers you go for, they look amazing and will brighten up your altar space without a doubt.



I love candles, and I think a selection of different ones can look so pretty!

I can go a bit candle mad, but I think it’s worth it!

Candles are helpful for meditation, connecting with source and for making the room smell nice. Find some gorgeous glasses to put them in, or use them to heat essential oils.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money either. I recently visited tesco and found loads for less than £1. Equally, if you want to spend out on a large luxury candle that will last ages and smell amazing, then why not. It’s your altar!


I’ve recently got into crystals to help me when I was extremely nervous and anxious about my exams. Using them helped me to stay calm and focused.

I’ve since learned that crystals can also help to bring about prosperity and wealth, so I decided to add some to my abundance altar.

Great crystals to try are green aventurine, citrine, pyrite and tiger’s eye. This article gives you more to have a look at and decide for yourself.

Be warned though, crystals can be expensive if you buy large ones, and make sure they come from ethical and sustainable sources.

Oracle Cards

I’ve got an Oracle card deck from Rebecca Campbell*. I find this deck super powerful to use for guidance, but you don’t have to use the same one. You could pick any oracle deck that speaks to you! I pull a card at the start of the month and that will set the theme for the month ahead.

You could do this weekly if you wanted to. Whatever works for you – just have fun with it!

Other items

There are many other things you could place on an altar too. I chose to place a Buddha on mine, because I like how it represents serenity and peace. To me, a Buddha reminds me that pushing and striving for things all the time is not helpful for my well being, and observing, allowing and divine timing all play a part too.

If Buddha isn’t your thing you can certainly place a cross or another item that represents your faith if you so chose to.

Other things you could place include feathers, gold coins, statues of figures representing abundance and prosperity, herbs and spices, photos and positive messages.

I place my “help me” box on my altar – inside I place little pieces of paper with my frustrations and worries written onto them and ask the universe to help me deal with them. It works for me! This comes from Tosha Silver’s book, “It’s Not Your Money”* which is another highly recommended read. She calls it the God box, but I think you can call it whatever you like.

Another thing that I purchased for my altar was a money tree. It’s not a real plant, it’s made of crystal, but you can buy real “money” trees too if you want!

I wanted to buy something that was similar to one that my Nana had when I was younger. I remember it very distinctly being in her living room. It was a little gold crystal tree, and the little crystals used to hang off of it and wiggle whenever you moved it. I loved looking at it! I don’t know what happened to hers, so I decided to go and buy one for myself.

I found somebody on Etsy that made absolutely beautiful trees, and I found one that was exactly the same colour as what she had, which happened to also be a crystal with amazing energy for wealth and abundance too!

Final Thoughts

Abundance altars don’t need to have prescribed rules. Just have fun with it and do what feels right for you. You can do a bit of research using the books that I’ve mentioned, but above all, make it your own because that will be much more powerful.

I’d love to see pictures of your abundance alter once you’ve created yours, so please come into my free facebook group, and share your pictures!




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6 thoughts on “How To Create An Abundance Altar”

  1. I really have nowhere to put an abundance altar. My husand pretends he likes the minimalist look and tries to “tidy” everything I put out away.

    I have bought a 2nd money tree, as he killed my first, and he is trying to kill my money tree again, so I need to find a new place to stand it, so it doesn’t die.

    I have tried to make something on my pinboard, and try to look at it everyday as my money making area, will this work? I have also made a pinterest board but I need one more picture of my money personality. I am hoping these will compensate for my lack of an altar.


    1. Hi Naina, ah that’s a shame! To be honest, anything that gets you thinking about your goals is absolutely ok! It could be jewellery, vision boards, art work for the wall, Pinterest pictures. Try it all- the intention coupled with action is what will work xx

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