Counting the Pennies- What Small Business Owners Can Do For Their Staff

Your financial responsibility towards the people working for you shouldn’t stop with their pay cheque. When people are struggling financially, they always hope for more income. Many people have more than one job or work overtime, so they can bring in a bit more money.  As an employer, you are already helping them by paying for their services.  But is there more you can and should be doing?

Essential Spend

Spend less on this, and you’ll give yourself a “payrise”

      Welcome to week 3 of the budget series! This is where you allocate money to different “slices” of your budget- ….charity….fun….essentials….saving….investing….education….emergency fund….   Post 1 on “charity and giving” is here. Post 2 on “fun money” here. The money-pie-method is here.   Before I launch into the nitty-gritty, let’s have a dose …

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