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Grab your "all-in-one" step by step guide to wealth and abundance TODAY and gain control of your finances.

We use journals and planner to organise our lives, kids, business and career, so what not for our money too? 

This physical, high-quality paper planner has been designed with you in mind... with video tutorials and help every step of the journey, it's more than a planner, it's a mini-revolution for your finances to help you be calm, confident and in control.

What You Get...

  • A physical planner 12 month, undated planner sent directly to your home (usually within 2 weeks)
  • (usual price £36)
  • A step-by-step guide to help you every step of the way to use the planner
  • (value £300)

Plus, every planner purchased plants a tree via.

£336 total value for Just £27


I love this money planner: it has been made with real care and attention to detail and perfectly prepares the user to approach their money blocks, triggers and issues and face their concerns with finances head on.

- Catherine

When the planner came along - perfect timing, really. All in one place, I feel I am in control of what my friendly money is doing for me. Great tool for my money dates as well.

- Maddy


The courses and modules available online, along with the Money Planner Booklet are easy to understand, practical and very user friendly.  I learnt the importance of small consistent changes that make a huge difference if you stick with it. I'm proud to say I've paid off £3500 of my debt with the snowball method, and have even put money into a stocks and shares ISA (previously has no knowledge about investing, Nikki breaks it down and makes it incredibly easy!). I'm not there yet but I have a clear path of where I'm going and what I need to do to get there. I never thought I'd make progress this quickly,  and have never looked back.

- Vicki

“We cannot be truly healthy while a money nightmare is going on in the background”

The Female Money Doctor

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