What Is Manifesting (and what it’s not!)?





What exactly is manifesting? It’s sometimes seen as a bit of a joke, where you’re wishing and praying for something that you want to drop into your lap. Actually, that’s not what it’s about at all. It’s about bringing something that you want into being. It’s about getting clear on what you want, taking the steps to make it happen, and making your dreams a reality. 

Manifesting Requires Taking Action

Above all, manifesting requires action. If you don’t take action, the universe can’t bring it to you, because it won’t believe that you truly want it. Not only that, but why should the universe give anything to you if you’re not making an effort? 

Sometimes, it might feel that you’re attracting good things with very little effort. Like when you’re thinking about someone you need to chat to, and they contact you first. Or you receive a gift from someone for seemingly doing nothing. 

In fact, it’s very probable that you’ve already taken some action somewhere along the line to make these things happen. Perhaps you mentioned to someone in a networking group that there was something you needed, and that opportunity appeared in your life.

Set Your Intention…

People often confuse manifesting with simply wishing for something and expecting it to happen. But actually, it’s about setting your intention for what you want. 

Once you’ve set your intention, you can then start taking the action for the universe to help support that and begin to introduce what you need for your journey to reach your goal. 

…But Don’t Fight Too Hard

If something is proving too difficult to pull off and you feel like you’re having to push really hard, what you’re actually doing is blocking the flow of manifestation. Personally, this is something I really struggle with and feel like I have to be “on it” all the time. But actually, if I just took a breath once in a while and declared, ‘Okay, this is what I want. I can do this. But let’s chill out a bit, have a rest and allow the universe to do the rest,’ then I think it would be a lot easier.

It’s like when you’re trying to find love. You go on date after date after date, pulling out all the stops to find a partner. But you just can’t find the right person. Then one day, you think, ‘I can’t be bothered with this anymore.’

And then you meet The One. 

Essentially, if you’re pushing too hard, you’re resisting what’s trying to come into your life. 

While taking action is essential, it’s not about us doing all the work. It’s about allowing the universe (or whichever higher source you believe in) to help you bring your dreams to fruition too. 

Take Time Out

As this last year has proved, taking time out is so important, especially in helping us to work out what matters. Certainly, when I had time out between my former and current careers, I discovered what I really wanted in life; what was important to me. And at that point, it wasn’t what I was doing. Back then, my finances were in a mess, and I realised my life situation just wasn’t right for me. 

So, taking time out to reflect on what you want can really help to get some focus. 

What Can You Manifest? 

Manifesting can be used in all sorts of practical applications, such as attracting more money, new clients, a new partner, a baby. Maybe you’re ready for a new job, or a complete career change. 

The thing is, it won’t necessarily happen in the timeframe, or the way, you want it to. Say for example, you want £1,000 a month. While it could all come in cash, it might not. It might come in the form of gifts, or refunds, or from all sorts of different directions. 

I mentioned tracking your income in a previous post, which really helps you to realise that your life is more abundant than you originally thought. Once you start tracking these gifts, refunds and discounts, you see how they add up and it makes you feel really positive. (You can read more about that in this post.)

How to Manifest What You Really Want

As discussed in the book The Energy of Money* (by Maria Nemeth), manifesting starts with an idea. You take this initial idea and form it into a physical reality. 

An example would be a goal to purchase a new house in 10 months. In reality, you could still be renting and not have the savings to enable you to do this. So, in the first instance, you need to work out how you’re going to be able to afford that. What does it mean to you, your family, your life? What will you have to do to bring in that money? Do you have something to sell, could you increase your income? 

When you get to this point of working out the logistics, your mind takes over and stops you from achieving your goal. Because in order to turn your idea into a reality, you’re going to have to push through some barriers. Mental blocks are real; it’s something I’ve had to deal with while building this business from the ground up. I’ve had to do a lot of mindset work around it. I would fret about sharing my ideas with the world in the hope of helping people, feeling fraught with worry that they weren’t good enough. 

Little by little, it’s about breaking down these barriers. You try something and it works, so you do it again. Then you try something again and it doesn’t work, so you try it a different way until it does work. Bit by bit, you chip away at your own monkey chatter until you’ve broken through that block. 

The first thought blocking me was, I can’t be an entrepreneur because I’m a doctor. But once I cleared that block, I thought, OK, now I’m a business owner, what do I need to do next?

It’s a Journey, not a Destination

Undoubtedly, something else will come up. It always does on the path to getting what you want. If you’re struggling to save, or struggling to invest, or anything, don’t beat yourself up. It’s a test, and it’s part and parcel of your journey. You see, the Universe will plant obstacles in your path to check that you’re really on board with this. 

Maybe you want to learn how to invest and make a commitment to do it. But then someone who has been unsuccessful comes along and tells you it’s a bad idea. Are you going to listen to that person with no experience, or are you going to find your own way?

Your mind will keep trying to stop you as it wants to keep you safe. It’s trying to protect you, but sometimes you have to “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”. Generally, if you feel good about a decision, it means you’re headed in the right direction. On the other hand, if your gut is telling you, it’s a bad idea, listen, but make suure it’s not just your fear talking! 

It’s a journey, not a destination, and there will be difficulties along the way. That’s why it can be invaluable to have the support of a community behind you to help you on your way.

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So Let’s Do This!!




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