Treat Tease: 3 Ways To A Different Kind of Motivation

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Motivation is difficult to find sometimes, especially if it involves going out in the cold for a run, when all you want to do is curl up on the sofa with a blanket!

This post, written for is all about finding different ways to keep your motivation high. This is especially true if you’re working on a new venture (like me), or trying to get out of debt. Seeing results can take a while in both cases! These 3 ideas are great for this as long as you keep in budget!

Keep reading to find out what they are!

So I hope you can find a small bit of motivation to read this post – it may just set you up for the rest of the month!

Grace and Ease

There are countless guides circulating the web all designed to give you a boost in motivation, improving your ability to work without having to force yourself to do it. From blog posts to forum entries, you can find loads of incredibly helpful advice. But, unfortunately, one key method is seldom explored. To make this right, this post will be going through three of the best ways to give yourself some drive, without having to create mood boards or spend time on other pursuits.


Humans are incredibly reward driven creatures. You can blame dopamine for this. Even the smallest treats, like video games, are enough to make you feel good. Of course, though, when you’re motivating yourself to work, a small benefit won’t be enough. Instead, you need to find something which you really loveThis can be a product, service, or even something you have done to your body, as long as you feel good at the end of it. Not a lot of people see giving themselves a treat as a good way to drive themselves.

“STRESSED is DESSERTS Spelt Backwards”

3 Little Ways

There are plenty of benefits to this sort of approach, though, with a lot of people finding that it makes it much easier to work hard on the important parts of life which they’d usually ignore. Below, you can find some of the benefits of this sort of work, along with some ideas to get you into the idea of having a treat.

  1. A Taste: When you’re working towards a good career or your own business, the main goal on your mind will be money. This money will be spent on the things you love, and you don’t want to have a shortage of it. While you are short, though, you can still use your desires to your advantage. Having a taste of the life you’re working for will make it a lot easier to see yourself successful in the future. Start on that bucket list!
  2. An Easier Now: While giving you the chance to taste a better life, treating yourself will also give you an opportunity to make life easier. Finding domestic staff, for example, could be a great way to take some of your work at home away. While making life easier, it will also give you more time to focus on the work you’re doing.
  3. Minimal Impact: Finally, it’s time to consider the impact something like this will actually have. Given that you can choose exactly how much you’re going to spend on yourself, the toll it takes on your finances will be whatever you choose. In most cases, a small treat won’t set you back enough to cause any concern. Of course, though, it’s worth thinking about this before you decide to buy so you don’t end up in debt.

Hopefully, this post will have inspired you to start working harder on the time you put into your self-motivation techniques. A lot of people struggle to keep themselves driven when they have a lot of work to do. This doesn’t have to be a chore, though, and can actually be a pleasurable experience!

So there you have it! A short, but sweet article on some different ways you can motivate yourself to keep going. Feel free to join my private Facebook Group if you have any questions or need some inspiration to keep going on your wealthy living journey.

With Love,




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