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Creating a healthy money mindset is easier when we’re inspired and guided by others, which is why I want to talk about 10 books that I think will really help you. What I really love is that these are all written by women. The more women that we have writing about their experiences and how we can create a better money mindset, the better. 

Some of these books are directly linked to money, while others are more focused on mindset which you can apply to anything in your life. A good mindset, an abundance mindset, or a growth mindset, all link to money regardless. Having a few of these in your library to refer to at any time will be invaluable to you. 

1.    Failosophy*, by Elizabeth Day

This book is about the mistakes we make in our lives and how we can improve our mindset when it comes to failing. We all do it, but for some reason we believe that failing is something really awful. Elizabeth Day is on a mission to help us all feel better about the things that go wrong in our lives. Like when we don’t hit certain milestones, or a marriage breaks down, for example. 

This relates to money too; we all make money mistakes. I don’t think a single person can say that they haven’t. How we feel about those mistakes can be different depending on our upbringing. Some people might take it on the chin, putting it down as “just one of those things”. For other people, it might shape the way they manage money for the rest of their lives. 

We also take on the failures of our parents and others around us. Learning how to fail in a more positive way is actually really helpful when it comes to improving our money mindset. 

2.     It’s Not Your Money*, by Tosha Silver 

What I really love about this book is how Tosha talks about money as a divine source of energy. Whether you believe in God, the universe, or whatever your faith; this is where the energy of money comes from. We are only temporary custodians of that, and can look after it, but eventually it needs to be passed on.

I love the way that she links spirituality with money, and I think this really helps to improve mindset. Because if you are afraid to spend money, this will help you to release it more easily. Similarly, if you find money just slips through your fingers without realising, Tosha talks about how that’s linked to your mindset and what you can do to address it.

This book is really useful to go back to again and again whenever you need to. 

3.    You Are a Badass at Making Money*, by Jen Sincero

What I really like about this book is that Jen Sincero is open and honest about her background and how she came from being literally broke to creating financial abundance. I love how she refers to the stories from her life to help us examine and adjust our own money mindset.

Jen is from New York and has a really funny way of explaining things, so this is an especially entertaining read if you listen to the audio book (although it’s just as good to read visually as well). 

4.    Rich as F*ck*, by Amanda Frances

In this book, Amanda Francis talks about how we need to feel better about wanting more in our lives. She talks about growth mindset, abundance mindset, and how it’s actually okay to want nice things and be surrounded by luxury. Check out her Instagram page, and you’ll see that she walks the talk; her pictures are absolutely stunning. 

Amanda explains how she feels about money and the processes that she goes through in order to make herself feel better about money. One of my favourite parts of this book is how she says we all have a responsibility to look after our own money mindset. It’s our responsibility to feel good about money. It’s not a long read and is definitely worth it. 

5. Financial Recovery*, by Karen McCall

This book tells the story of Karen’s troubled, corporate background earning really good money, while struggling with debt, shame, and trying to hide it from her colleagues. 

I think a lot of us in professional jobs where we’re earning good money — and perhaps not making the most of it — can really relate to this story. It’s a real eye-opener. 

It’s a really relatable money mindset book, and she also helps you learn how to heal your wounds around money. 

6.    The Energy of Money*, by Maria Nemeth

In this slightly older book, Maria discusses the process of wanting something. Let’s say we want to buy a house for example, the book focuses on how we can then manifest that into reality.

A lot of people may find the word ‘manifest’ off-putting, viewing it as nonsense rather than the practical process it actually is. It’s quite literally the practice of wanting something and then making it happen in reality. 

Let’s say you want something, so you go out and buy it. That’s it — you’ve manifested it. You had the money available, and you’ve got what you wanted. But for bigger things, like your first house purchase, moving to another country or becoming a millionaire; there is a long process that takes place around our mindset. 

Maria talks about the mind-chatter that takes us from an idea through to creating what you desire in reality. The book is filled with lots of practical tasks and activities for you to do. It’s one well-worth having, to refer back to again and again. I actually had the audible version as well as the physical copy, because I liked all the exercises.

7.    Get Rich, Lucky Bitch*, by Denise Duffield-Thomas

Denise Duffield-Thomas is one of my favourite authors. She has a few other books, including ‘Lucky Bitch’, but ‘Get Rich, Lucky Bitch’, is specifically about money blocks and how to break through them.  

Denise also has a great podcast that she’s thinking about bringing back, which is very exciting. The podcasts are short, sharp episodes, addressing one money mindset block or problem at a time. You can revisit them again and again to help free up those thoughts that might be coming up for you when you’re earning money, starting a business or even just when you’re thinking about your own finances.

So, another one well worth a read. 

8.    Mind over Money*, by Claudia Hammond 

This book focuses on the psychology of money. Claudia quotes some really interesting statistics from articles and experiments that have taken place, explaining why we do the things we do with money. She offers some really useful, practical suggestions for how to manage your money on the basis of this research. 

For example, when you’re trying to save money, psychologically it’s better to have the money in a separate savings account. She even suggests having that savings account in a completely separate part of the country. So, if you live in the South, open a bank account in the North. Or, if you’re in the North, open a bank account in the South. For some reason, psychologically, that makes it easier for us to save money. 

Have a read and see what you think. There are loads of really interesting concepts like that regarding why we do the things that we do around money.

9.    Money, a Love Story*, by Kate Northrup

Kate Northrup is another one of my favourite authors, and she also has a course called The Money Love Course. In both the course and the book, she talks about how we can feel better about our finances and break through some of the blocks and the mindset problems that come with it.

It’s a really lovely book, and another really interesting read; so be sure to take a look. 

10. Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway*, by Susan Jeffers

While this is not strictly a money-related book, it is certainly about mindset, which has a subsequent effect on your money story. What I like about this one — and I focus on this a lot, actually — is how she talks about this idea that we have to avoid fear. That if something’s too scary, then we shouldn’t be doing it, which is absolutely not true. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, or how far you get in your financial journey. 

Even when you reach total affluence, you will always encounter these cycles of fear, because it means you are pushing outside your comfort zone. In order to manage your money well and reach higher levels of income and wealth, you will have to face pushing beyond your comfort zone again and again. You have to feel the discomfort. You have to feel the anxiety. And you have to push beyond it.

Having a certain level of fear in our lives is a useful concept, but not if it’s stopping you from sorting your debts out, for example, or starting a savings account. This book offers plenty of stories and practical exercises for you to complete, so it’s well worth a read.

So, those are my top 10 money mindset books by women, do let me know what you think of them in the comments below. 

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