Protecting Yourself – Do You Have An Emergency Fund?






I had a discussion with a patient recently about depression and how it was affecting them. Unsurprisingly, work was the top stress-related issue. I offered her some time out, but the response broke my heart. She told me that she “couldn’t afford” to take time off.

Couldn’t. afford. it.

I remember thinking that surely your own mental health is a priority above money, but then I realised that to her, lack of money is also another significant stressor in her lives, so of course she was going to prioritise that.

No money = no food/electricity/fuel/housing.

I see this time and time again. We chase money all the time, never quite making ends meet, but then when we actually need money to get us out of a tight-spot, we find that we’re seriously lacking.

We’re working to survive, not to live.

So when you are thinking about your budget, do you factor in for emergencies? Do you factor in for your health? While we’re really lucky in the UK with the NHS, I still think some money should be going aside for health services NOT provided by the NHS like dental check ups, eye tests and podiatry assessments.

I also strongly believe that you should have some money set aside for your own mental wellbeing – the f*** off fund if you will.

This is a lump sum of money that can support you in the situation of a crisis. It’s not money you invest with. It’s money that you save somewhere for those “just in case” times.

So watch the video now and decide where you fall on the spectrum – how much money do you have saved?

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Good Luck with creating your emergency fund, please make it your absolute priority above other types of savings. You never know when it’ll save your butt!




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