Planning Your Money Across The Year – Millionaire Secret #1





Have you ever got to the end of the month and thought; “I don’t know where all my money went!”. Yep, me too….. but do you know what, it’s way more simple than you think too sort out!

Planning Your Money

Vicki Robbins in the book, “your money or your life*” talks about obsessive tracking to really get to grips with your spending habits and work out your gazingas-pins so you can avoid them in the future.

A gazingas-pin is something you can’t help but buy, collect or store a lot of just because you like to. or “feel you need”. For me it used to be shoes, but now I’ve turned it onto books in a bid to “better myself”. I have too many to read currently, so I cannot buy anymore for a while!

It’s so easy for me to drop a book into my basket though on the recommendation of someone. It’s my weak spot! But I’ve only worked this out by tracking my outgoings.

Do What Millionaires Do

Even if you have no plans what-so-ever to become a millionaire in your life-time, do what they do anyway and TRACK your money. Yes, even people who have lots of money know how much they spend in the supermarket. How else do you think they became millionaires?!

So steal their secrets and shine a light on your outgoings. While I don’t necessarily think you have to be obsessed by it to the level Vicki Robbins goes to, tracking your money will seriously help you to get clear on “where your money goes” so you can start putting your money to better use…like investing or saving for example!

Turn A Track Into A Road

Once you have been tracking for a while, you’ll create loads of data, but what do you do with this? The next time is to have a road plotted out that you can follow EVERY year. Initially it feels like you are wading through treacle, but it DOES get easier.

So keep tracking, then plan what you do and when as the year goes on. Take a watch of this video to give you the “top notes” of planning your money across the year.

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