The Healthy Money Planner:

Unplanned Spends

After planning out your money-pie budget, there will be spends that happen throughout the month that didn't feature in it.

This is ok!

When we first start using this method, there will be all sorts of things we forget to plan for. Adjust the money-pie next month once you uncover some of these.

There are spends that happen from emotion - e.g. boredom, sadness, guilt etc. So when an unplanned spend happens, if it isn't a "oops I just forgot" kind of spend, then put an emotion to it. You might start to notice a pattern.

Then, decide which category you will assign it to. Perhaps you just need one called "buffer" to soak up little unplanned spends.

Withdrawing cash without allocation to a specific category is also an unplanned spend - so try and keep your unknown cash withdrawals to a minimum.

“If today you are a little bit better than you were yesterday, then that’s enough.” – David A. Bednar

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