The Healthy Money Planner:

Tracking Abundance

While tracking your outgoings is a good thing to do, you will also find great benefit in tracking your income too.

You may work for a monthly salary, and that's cool - just note down the amount.

But as you go through this, start thinking of other ways you can bring in more money. There are all sorts of opportunities out there!

Every month, track any amounts that come in through these additional income streams.

You can also record when people give you freebies like coffees, lunches etc. How much money would that have cost you?

Perhaps you could put that money into your savings - you would have spent it anyway, so nothing is lost right?

Being thankful of all the little ways in which the universe is sending you money (even through your job) is cause for celebration in itself, so enjoy tracking it!

Ever wondered how some people can just "manifest" what they want in life? Well now you can find out for yourself!

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“You must do the kind of things you think you cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

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