The Healthy Money Planner:

The Money Pie

I love money-pie budgeting! This is where you take your money and assign it a specific role to do. Everyone will be different, but there are some suggested categories and percentages in the planner to guide you.

Every time you get paid, you sent a portion of your money to one of these areas. A starling or monzo account can help with this. Or you could set up multiple (free) bank accounts and manually transfer between them.


However you do it, money-pie budgeting will ensure that every £, $ or € has a job to do.

When you budget, I will get you to list out which of your usual expenses fit into which category.

If you're not sure, come into the facebook group and ask. You have a page for brainstorming in the planner - go through your recent bank statement and have a go at assigning them a category. You'll get a fresh one with each month because it will change with time - budgets are meant to be flexible.

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