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Welcome To The Healthy Money Planner!

I'm excited to have you here!

I've tried a number of ways to budget, including apps, spreadsheets and notebooks... yet, nothing felt like it fully worked for me. There was always something missing or not quite right.

So I decided to come up with my own planner to reflect all of the actions I take in order to straighten out my money and keep myself on track.

Now it's not easy - this is not part of some weird "get rich quick" type scenario. This is budgeting for LIFE, but I hope that it feels that little bit easier when you use this.

My name is Dr Nikki and I am a GP turned money coach who is on a mission to help women like YOU to feel confident and secure with money.

I hate the way that money can hold people back from living a life that they truly deserve. I believe that anyone can become wealthy - it's not just for the few. But to become wealthy, some healthy habits need to be put into place FIRST.

I'd love to see when you use this planner, so use #HealthyMoneyPlanner and #TheFemaleMoneyDoctor when you share on social media platforms and feel free to tag me in. 


Any questions, email me: [email protected]

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great” - Zig Ziglar

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