my three fintech favourites

My Fintech Three – The Favourites

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In this post today, I wanted to tell you about my three most favourite pieces of fintech that I use on a daily basis to help manage my money. They’re all simple to install, and they don’t require much technological know-how.

It’s really easy to become overwhelmed when it comes to financial technology – it’s seems this stuff is literally EVERYWHERE! I’ve tried loads of different apps, and I have stuck with these three every time. Why not try them out? They’re all free to install, but watch out for fees. They are self-explanatory when you sign up to the services. Plum and Monzo do not charge for savings, but investing does come with a cost, so make sure you know this when you decide to use it.

As with everything, if you invest, your money can go up as well as down, so make sure you’re happy with this before you put the money into anything.

Have a watch of my video here and see what you’d like to try! Let me know your experiences in the comments below.


The Video


References in the Video

Monzo (affiliate): – plus you get £5 for signing up!): Download Monzo

Plum (affiliate): Download Plum

Moneybox: Download Moneybox




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