The 10 Limiting Money Mindset Blocks keeping you broke

The 10 Limiting Money Mindset Blocks Keeping You BROKE!





Examining your money mindset blocks and beliefs is ESSENTIAL if you want to sort your money out. 80% of personal finance is about how you think about money, the other 20% is the nuts and bolts that you need to organise it.

Have you ever thought about your money mindset?

Feeling frustrated and like there is never “enough” money is a clue that there is some stuff going on.

The 2 mindsets

There are 2 significant mindset “types” that you need to be aware of when you start looking into your own.

Which one of these resonates with you?


This mindset believes there is never enough. Never enough time, money, work, etc. If you’re doing well, then it must be at the expense of someone else. It can take the form of being afraid to spend or conversely spending everything and getting into debt because “when its gone its gone”, “you can’t take it with you” and “you only live once”.

This mindset makes us feel small, stuck and frustrated.


This mindset believes there will always be enough when you need it. This type of mindset is grateful for what is already present and for what is coming in the future. Focusing on this mindset brings comfort and confidence in your financial position as well as the ability to learn more skills around the subject and ultimately have more money long term.

This mindset makes us feel expansive and like anything is possible.

10 Limiting beliefs around money

So now you’ve had a chance to reflect on this, which one do you think you mostly fall into? It is normal to fluctuate between the two, but it’s important to know which is the most dominant.

I can tell you now that FOR YEARS my mindset was based in scarcity, and to a certain extent, it still is, but I’m more aware of it now.

We’ll now explore 10 limiting mindset blocks around money that are commonly held. These are the kinds of blocks that we all need to work through in order to prosper financially.

“Money is the root of all evil”

For the record, “Evil” is the root of all evil. Money is a medium of exchange nothing more. If someone is a bad person, money just gives them larger means to achieve bad things. It is just the same way that a good person has a large means to do good. This belief is the same as; ”money corrupts”, or “money is dirty”. Money is a vehicle that can be used to effect change. Remove the emotion this injects to the subject to allow you more control.

“I can’t afford it”

It is an excuse just like “when I achieve x, then I’ll do y”. It stifles your ability to think about how you could afford something or make something happen. It’s a chicken and egg scenario, especially when contemplating a purchase like coaching or a course. Yes you could get it all for free and figure it out yourself with the help of a thousand YouTube videos, but how has that been working out for you so far? If you want something different for your life, you need to do something different.

“Its selfish to want more money

Its difficult to achieve anything really great and help lots of people if you can’t feed yourself or your family and you are living pay check to pay check. You can make a difference however small with a charity donation but what if you could do more? If you stop limiting yourself with this mindset – how many people could you help? Does that still sound selfish now?

“I’m not good with money”

This is a story you’ve made up over time. It disempowers you from learning new skills. The reality is very few people were taught true financial literacy when we were young or even subsequently. Money management however can be learnt like any other skill.

“My family have never been rich”

This once again is a story that is disempowering you. It is true that if you grew up with very little money you are more likely to hold limiting beliefs around money. There are countless stories of millionaires who grew up in poverty though. You may also feel resentful of those who have money – “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer” is a phrase commonly said, often with a tinge of frustration. Yes not everyone has the same “24 hours” in a day, the same resources, or the same starting point. But are you going to let that fact empower you or hold you down?

“It is selfish to want money“

Much the same as “if I get rich I can’t be happy”. If you are a selfless person that is keen to make a difference and give back how much more mentally and financially available to the people most important to you and to the wider community and planet could you be with more money?

“I can either make money or do what I love not both”

This misses one of the fundamental points about where money comes from. It comes from other people and flows to you in proportion to your ability to solve people’s problems and provide a valuable service. If you can turn your passion into something others need and put in the work then you will make money. It’s not as simple as “build it and they will come”, but if you’re willing to put in the time, then they will… eventually. Alternatively, why not do something you love AND make money? Who says that you need to leap out into the unknown. Do it alongside a 9-5 and take the pressure off to perform.

“Money is there to spend“

Spending in itself is not bad. But if the spending comes at the expense of saving and investing for the future, then there’s a problem here. Solve it by having some money for fun, and put the rest to work.

“You have to work really hard to get money”

Solving other peoples problems and working out how to scale that might not be “easy”, but living in debt unable to help yourself let alone others isn’t exactly a walk in the park either. We are all capable of putting in effort when the requirement is great enough. There are numerous strategies to pay off debt, and if you are struggling get help. Make a fast decision and then move on. Being in debt is one of the biggest things that will keep you stuck.

“Money is not that important”

There are more important things in life I agree, but having enough to live on makes life much more manageable and turns a catastrophe into a minor inconvenience. Using this as a get-out-of-jail-free-card so that you don’t take control of your finances doesn’t create future security.

So how can I move from scarcity to abundance?

Being aware of your own limiting money mindset blocks is a big head start. If I’ve rattled you with any of my answers to these 10 most common then its likely you hold them. Examining them with cold hard logical removing the emotion attached is a start to moving forward.

In general there are lots of strategies for changing limiting beliefs around all kinds of things, money included.

Rewire Your Brain For Abundance

Here are some of things you could try to rewire your brain for abundance:


Affirmations are short positive statements that are said as if the thing you want has already happened or are said to counteract a limiting belief. For example, “money gives me the freedom to do the things that improve the quality of my life”, “I am a money magnet”,  “good things are coming to me too”. Write these everywhere and review them daily.

Change your mind

Start by listing your limiting money mindset blocks. With each belief, what would you choose to believe instead? For example, “money is evil” could become “money is an amazing supporter in my life and does good in the world”.

Create an avatar for your inner critic

Giving your inner money critic a personality can really help you to distance from the behavior you no longer want to participate in. Lets take “Louise the broke Loser” for example. Louise represents all of your current thoughts around money, all the things you’d like to change, the worse version of those thoughts all rolled into one. She’s so bad with money she’d have spent Brewster’s millions in 2 hours (apologise to those born after the 1980’s for the reference). She will get the blame for all your money mindset blocks from now on.

Create a positive avatar to help support you

Create your second money avatar. Lets take “Abundance Annie, the financially secure badass”. She has an abundant mindset she believes money is infinite, she deserves to have money to use for the good of herself and others, she knows she is great with money and is always learning better ways to manage it. Money flows to her abundantly. Now Annie represents how you would like to act around money how you would like to take control of money – your “best money self” for want of a better description. So when you feel a limiting belief rise up, or a familiar situation that might have you splurging or limiting yourself, you can say “Hey Louise, Annie’s in charge now” or “what would Annie do”.

The emotional freedom technique

This is a method of calming down your nervous system. Money can be a very stressful topic, especially when it comes to clearing old patterns of belief. This technique is so useful for dissolving blocks. YouTube is full of tutorial videos, so pick something. and learn how to use it to help you clear your blocks.

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Final Thoughts

We ALL have money mindset blocks, so don’t think you’re weird if you have more than one (or all). And it doesn’t matter how much money you earn, the blocks always surface – and some will surface again and again and again as you earn more and improve your mindset.

If you want to go into more depth to learn about your money mindset, why not check out my course to help guide you through your blocks – The Money Mindset Reset.

We would love to hear from you about this, so don’t forget to send us your comments.

This article was contribted by Claire Harris, mum of 2, wife, GP, aesthetics doctor and network marketer.

Until next time,




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2 years ago

Really well written post and I have definitely found myself having at least some of those scarcity thoughts in the past.

You will never be content if you always have the scarcity mindset as you view everything as a limited resource.

Abundance type people are typically happier and also share the love more.

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