Common Money Blocks That Keep You Broke





This week I’m talking about money blocks and triggers.

What are these?

Well, if you’re broke all the time, overspend and never seem to be able to save, or you go the other way and hoard your money, it’s probable that you have at least one of these.

Everyone does! Even people who earn loads of money.

Why do you think some very wealthy people end up broke?

A money block literally stops the flow of money in your life, and they prevent you from earning more or saving. A trigger might get you to spend all your money or whip out your credit card. Uncovering these is key to understanding what’s going on so you can do something about it to get out of the cycle you’re in.

Often these are layers and layers deep, so uncovering them is a lifelong process. Like peeling a huge onion and taking off those limiting blocks one by one.

See what you think yours might be.

For Those Of You Who Like Watching Video:




Resources Mentioned:

Why don’t you take the money personality quiz and find out which archetype you are?

The Best Money Personality Quiz I Have Ever Done! Lessons From The Sacred Money Archetypes®

Here’s also one of my fav books on money blocks by Denise Duffield Thomas.

Final Thoughts

Removing money blocks and avoiding spending triggers is a life-long process. Some are easy to clear, while others are stubborn little buggers. Often there is a “tap-root” one that if uncovered, will help to unlock many others. Sometimes you skim the surface, and that’s ok too.

But ultimately, it is our responsibility to uncover and remove them.

I hope you enjoyed the video to find out more about money blocks and triggers. Let me know if you have any questions or comments – I love hearing from you!

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