What’s Keeping You Stuck? Could It Be a Money-Block?





When it comes to money, are you feeling stuck? Have you been in the same rut for years, trying to get out of debt, or trying to save money, only to have money fall instantly through your fingers the moment you have it?

You’re not alone!

Most adults in the UK have difficulty with saving money. Rising house prices, falling wages, and the culture of buy now, pay later, its no wonder. 

The problem with overspending and not saving however lies more within us than it does through external factors. I have already spoken about how our old-brain (a.k.a The Chimp) can cause havoc in our budgets if we allow it to, but what if there are other elements contributing?

If you struggle with keeping money in your life, then it is very likely that you have a money block.

Money Blocks – What The Heck Are They?

I came to realise about my own money blocks one year ago. I came across a mentor who specialises in helping women figure out and get rid of money blocks. Denise Duffield-Thomas literally changed my perception of my finances – in other words, why I do what I do. It turns out that we all have blocks in our subconscious that stop us from being able to successfully control and handle money.

Money blocks are set up in lots of ways throughout our lives, but often its when we’re kids – especially before the age of 6, when we’re like sponges, and we literally absorb anything and everything (including the odd accidental swear word). Well guess what? Children also pick up on the money-related behaviours of their parents and this can go either way.

Take for example a child who is constantly told – “money is dirty”, or “rich people are evil”. While as an adult, you may be able to think this through rationally and realise that money isn’t actually physically dirty, there will be an internalised 6-year old belief somewhere that will not want to touch money or have a lot of it for fear of being “evil”. Translate this into adult-life, and you have a person who might not be able to make a decent amount of money, or who might not be able to keep a decent amount of money – or a combination of the two.

Why Is Knowing This Important

Knowing our blocks is KEY to understanding how to turn around our finances. This might be to get out of debt or to actually start saving and investing. There are several ways in which blocks might be showing up for you, so go through this list and see if anything applies.

Your Income

If you are constantly being overlooked for promotions, or find it difficult to ask for the salary you want, or you’re unable to make money in your business consistently and to the level you would like it to be, then you definitely have blocks somewhere.


Entrepreneurs or service based business owners may have trouble setting prices for their goods, consistently give away “freebies” when they should be charging, or allow themselves to be bartered with. This means their business cannot grow and they get stuck. Some people even give up their dream because they cannot gain any significant traction.


If you have any kind of debt, regardless of how it came about, you have blocks for sure. We either create debt ourselves for some kind of gain (such as keeping our disposable income capped so we don’t outshine anyone such as a parent or sibling who might earn less), or we attract people into our lives that are financially troublesome for us. I know you might be thinking, “why would I do this to myself”, but its all subconscious stuff, so you won’t even be aware of why you do it!


If you regularly go out and spend to make yourself feel better, you have a block somewhere. It might be that you were never allowed to spend money as a child, so you make up for it now. It could be a sign of feeling depressed with your current situation (so you spend to make yourself feel “worthy” or “significant”), or guilt that you’re not around enough for your family (so you buy presents for everyone).


You might keep hold of every single pair of shoes you’ve ever owned, “just in case” you might need them, even though those leopard print boots were so Shania Twain in the 90s and really should go to charity or in the bin. The reason for doing this might be a scarcity mindset – one in which you think you will never be able to have more of the thing you are holding onto so tightly. This could be money, clothing, items in the house. Clutter is bad for your psyche, and bad for your money and is most definitely a money block.

You can’t keep hold of money

Whenever you have money, something happens, such as a bill comes in, or you get a parking ticket, or a disaster happens, and the money you had rapidly disappears. This is definitely a sign of a money block.

What can you do about it?

When you can identify the behaviours, you can start to pick out the reasons why they are happening to you in the first place. Take a look at events in your past – money related or not. It may seem trivial, like witnessing your parents fight over money, or you stole some penny sweets once. The important thing to know is – how did this event make you feel? Were you ashamed of the thing that happened, or did you blame yourself for something that as an adult you know is no big deal. It might not make any sense, but remember we’re thinking like children again – think back to the 6 year old you were!

The next thing I would highly recommend is finding out what your UNIQUE money personality is. This is often THE KEY to finding out where you are stuck so you can move past your blocks. Take the free quiz here to find out yours!

Final Thoughts

Its all very well and good to know how to budget, save, invest and live within your means, but if you are having trouble in maintaining these good habits, or can’t ever seem to get around to forming them, then you definitely have a money block or two to clear. If you don’t, money for you will always be a struggle. The great news is, there are things we can do to help ourselves, and the answers are right there within us – we just have to know where to look.

Now over to you – where do you think you might have a money block? Tell me in the comments below, or pop over to my FREE Private Facebook Group to talk about all things money.

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