How You Do Money Is How You Do Everything





“How we do money is how we do everything.” 

~ Kendall Summerhawk; founder and creator of the Sacred Money Archetypes®


The Sacred Money Archetypes® is an approach I absolutely love, and it’s why ultimately, I became a certified coach. 

When I first discovered the concept, I took a quiz to discover my own archetype through Denise Duffield-Thomas’ Money Bootcamp and her version of The Sacred Money Archetypes® course. It really helped me to understand more about myself and what was going on, and it enabled me to create a path to wealth that was unique to me. 

It really opened my eyes to how profound it all is. 

In fact, it had such a lasting impact on me, that this actually led me to become The Female Money Doctor. 

Find Your Money Personality

You can find out what your unique money archetype is by taking the quiz here, but I also recommend you come along to my Unlocking Your Wealth DNA webinar.

It’s FREE, and it’s coming up very soon. I’ll be going into money archetypes in a lot more detail to demonstrate how understanding your personality is really going to help you build wealth, rather than it working against you.

If you’re wondering whether your money archetypes can change, well, I think they can. But for now, if you feel a little bit disappointed by your archetypes quiz result, don’t be. Because all of the archetypes have got their own strengths and their own weaknesses.

If you are feeling some disappointment, there may be a part of your archetypes that you’re not quite aligned with yet, or you don’t yet identify with. I can tell you that that’s completely normal — a lot of people feel like that. 

But with some personal development, through understanding and working on your money habits — and yourself — your archetypes can shift. They can also shift through life changes, such as when you have children. Or, if you go through a divorce or a new relationship, your archetypes can shift and change dramatically. 

Equally, they can have a big impact from when we were children, so you might find out that your archetype is very similar to one of your parents. Or, it might be the complete opposite to your parents, because their relationship with money had such an effect on you. Perhaps you thought, “I don’t want to ever be like that”. If your parents are around, get them to do the quiz as well if you can, because that could lead to unlocking the reasons behind your money habits. 

Unique Money Personality Quiz: What You’ll Learn

Your Money Archetype: Your Unique Gifts

When you’ve done the money archetypes quiz with me, I’ll send you a video explaining how your top archetype benefits you in terms of your unique strengths. Things like what you’re good at, or habits that come naturally to you. How you interact with people, and what your unique gifts are. Once you discover these positive traits, you can use them to your advantage. 

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Gay Hendricks — he’s got a book called The Big Leap, where he talks about working and being in your ‘zone of genius’. And that, I think, is what comes from knowing your main archetype. Once you understand it, you can then work with your archetype strengths rather than trying to fight against it. 

Because money is personal. There’s no point in trying to be one of the other archetypes if that doesn’t come naturally to you. If you focus on what actually does work for YOU, it’s a much, much easier path. It helps you to grow with much more grace and ease than if you were fighting your archetype.

Your Money Archetype: Your Challenges 

I’ll then send you another video, which talks about your challenges. These are really important because once you understand them, you can sidestep them or put things in place to help you to avoid falling prey to them. 

I’m going to give you an example in my own life. I’m a ‘maverick’ archetype, and we typically tend to jump from thing to thing: lured by bright, shiny objects. Mavericks can be very good with money, taking calculated risks. But then equally, when operating more from the ‘challenge’ perspective, they can take too many risks. Which can then lead to debt problems. 

So for example, you might have invested in property, but took a miscalculated risk, and it didn’t go according to plan. All of a sudden, you have a massive mortgage, owe money to the bank, it’s all gone wrong and you’re in enormous debt.

It does happen. If Mavericks take too much of a risk, they can end up in hot water. The other thing it made me realize was that I was jumping from one thing to another thing, and not being able to put roots down. I learned that there’s no point jumping from venture to venture without really digging into it properly. I finally understood; as a Maverick, to have the freedom I craved, I needed to have a solid base beneath me first.

So from understanding my own archetypes, I’ve learned to build a solid base — a platform, if you like — of regular income so I can go off and play; do the things I want to do, giving me the freedom I need. Finding your archetypes will reveal the challenges you face, and help you to understand how you’re going to solve them. 

Your Money Archetype: Your Goals

Next, you’ll learn how to align your archetype with your goals.

Once you understand your gifts and your challenges, you can begin to set a path towards wealth that suits you. There’s little point trying to be an Accumulator archetype if you’re a Romantic archetype. Accumulators are naturally good at saving money, and don’t need to play games or set up systems. They’re not going to sabotage themselves to save money, because they’re naturally good at it. A Romantic, on the other hand, will need to put things in place as they’re not necessarily good at saving. 

Romantics want to spend their money on what they want, and they don’t like being told ‘no’. They would need to put things in place to stop self-sabotage when saving money, whereas an Accumulator will need to do more around letting go — to be happy to spend money, and happy to put money towards having fun. Romantics don’t have a problem with that and certainly don’t need to be told how; they can do that already. That’s their natural gift.

So as I’ve already mentioned, every archetype has got their own gifts and challenges. But it’s what you do with them that helps you align your path with the goals you’ve set yourself. For example, your retirement goal, travel goals, or saving money for your first house; all of these things will have an impact based on your archetypes.

Your Money Archetypes and Other People

Once you understand your own archetype, you begin to see the differences in other people. The more you learn, the more you can apply the concepts to your relationships at home with your children, your partners, and your friends. When you discover that the way you manage money is not the same as how everyone else manages their money, you can harmonise with that. 

As an example, my other half is not a Maverick; he’s an Accumulator. Accumulators are as I said, careful with money, careful with their savings, and not very good at spending it. They need to know all the details before they’re willing to part with their money. As a Maverick, I’m more likely to just jump in headfirst and go, ‘yeah, of course, let’s do it!’

So, when I interact with him about something, I need to give him all the details so he can consider all the options available. He will then decide for himself what he thinks is the right course of action, which he’ll do based on his own research and ideas. Then, we’ll come to an agreement. But beforehand, I used to find his approach really boring because he’d go into so much detail before he made any kind of decision.

Now, I get it. I understand, because I understand his archetype and I understand my own. So you can see how that now harmonises because now I can take a step back and go, OK, he’s going to do his thing. Once he’s done his thing, we can carry on. Equally, he helps to ground me and to build that nice, stable base that I was talking about. And I give him that edge to push him towards doing things that perhaps would otherwise be outside his comfort zone, so we’ve got that harmony going on there as well. 

Similarly, if you discover a colleague at work has a very different archetype to you, you can harmonise with them by each of you owning the different tasks you enjoy doing. For example, if you don’t like the detail stuff but your colleague does, it’s perhaps a better way of working together in a much more holistic way.

Take the Money Archetypes Quiz

As you can see, knowing your archetypes is really useful. Take the Money Archetypes quiz and don’t miss the ‘Unlocking Your Wealth DNA’ webinar. You’ll learn how to properly align your path with your own special zone of genius, enabling you to reach wealth in a much easier, more graceful way. 

I look forward to discovering what your money archetype is. Feel free to let me know in the comments!

Click here to do the quiz now, and I’ll see you again soon!




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