10 Affirmations To Build A Healthier Relationship With Money And Some Lazy Ways To Use Them





The self-help industry is FULL of discussion surrounding affirmations. But what are they and how can they help you with your money problems?

What are affirmations?

According to the Huffington Post’s Article by Dr Carmen Harra:

Affirmations help purify our thoughts and restructure the dynamic of our brains so that we truly begin to think nothing is impossible. The word affirmation comes from the Latin affirmare, originally meaning “to make steady, strengthen.”

This sounds like pretty powerful stuff to me!!

So because I have a scientific mind, I wanted to find out more about whether there was any basis for the claims of affirmations. Psychology Today talks about several studies that look at the use of affirmations, and concluded:

“After being studied extensively by social psychologists, self-affirmation has now just begun to receive attention. Repeated use of affirmations in a meditative state can help to rewrite messages—but only if an individual is ready and willing to manifest positive change”

How Do Affirmations Help??

If you remember back to the post about your “inner chimp” and how it can contribute to overspending habits, this is where affirmations can really help. We are hard-wired in belief systems created when we were very young. This includes money and bad habits surrounding its use.

For example, if you watched your parents struggle from paycheck to paycheck, you may do too. This is because you have learnt behaviours as a child, and as an adult, you carry out the same pattern over and over again. Your “inner chimp” is a representation of this child, and will continue to run the show UNTIL you spot the pattern and break it.

This is where affirmations come into their own.

When we tell ourselves something over and over again, our subconscious (or inner chimp) believes it, and we do everything possible to live up to those expectations.

If you tell yourself that you’re rubbish with money, then that’s exactly what you will be. It’s just the way our mind works.

Affirmations To Change The Record

Affirmations therefore are positive statements you can use to tell yourself that things are different from what they actually are. Your subconscious cannot tell the difference between current reality and your desired future reality, so by telling it something you want to become as if you already are what you want to be come, you can trick it into believing it.

Tell your subconscious that you are already doing/being or having what you want AS IF you already have it – it won’t be able to tell that you don’t actually have it yet

Sounds crazy, but this is the theory. You don’t have to believe it right away, you just have to embed it into your everyday vocabulary to the point where your subconscious doesn’t know the difference, and you start to live in line with what you are telling yourself.

How Do I Create Affirmations?

Truth be told, you can create them on anything! It has to be unique to you and what you want.

Let’s say you feel like you’ll never have any money, and this is really getting you down. How can we use this belief in an affirmation?

Instead of saying “I have no money” over and over again, say “Money comes to me in unexpected way” or “Money loves me” or “I am a fabulous money maker”.

Now, there may be a little voice in your head saying – “that’s not true” whenever you repeat an affirmations. If that happens to you, congratulations! You’ve just discovered a limiting money belief, and this can be cleared.

Make Them Work For You

This is a great way to get started – but you need to be consistent and use them a lot. I’m not going to tell you to read them out in full everyday because I think that is boring and unrealistic. Find lazy ways to expose yourself to them. For example, I have created a wallpaper on my phone for affirmation #10. It’s really easy to do using something like canva. I’ve also been collecting different quotes on a Pinterest board that I can use on my phone and iPad whenever I like! Feel free to take a look and swipe what you like.

You could put them on post-it notes and hide them all around the house (back of the toilet door is a good one!). The more you see them and say them, the easier it will be to believe them. I also put them on my mobile phone as appointments in my diary, so at the same time every day I’ll get another affirmation pop-up. I vary them based on what it is I am trying to achieve or believe.

To make them even stronger, you need to feel into what you’re saying. Use all your senses. What can you smell, taste, see? This gives your subconscious even more confirmatory signals that what you’re saying is true.

10 Affirmations

So here are 10 of my favourites (but there are so many more!!):

  1. I am a money magnet
  2. Good things are happening to me too
  3. Opportunities are all around me
  4. Money comes to me in unexpected ways
  5. I serve, I deserve
  6. Money loves me
  7. I believe, I receive
  8. I am a wealthy woman
  9. I attract wealth and abundance easily and effortlessly
  10. Money is my friend

Final Thoughts

The point of affirmations is to trick your subconscious into thinking that you already have what you want. Once your subconscious agrees, you’ll find it much easier to ACTUALLY get what you want, because your subconscious cannot stand it when you don’t do what it thinks you should be doing. This is why going to the gym is so hard for some people – their inner chimp doesn’t agree that you need to go, so it causes a battle to stop you going!

The same applies to money – if your subconscious doesn’t believe that you deserve money, then you won’t attract it and you’ll attract ways to spend it. Trust me on this, it happens to us all!

Have fun with affirmations – we’re making changes for a better life! It might seem silly at first, but it does get easier – especially if you use the lazy tricks in this post! If you’d like 40 “cut out and keep” prosperity affirmations sent to your inbox for more inspiration click here to download them.

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