Marvellous Money Making At Home – Ideas to make extra money on the side (#3)




This week’s post is another one in the Making Money Series.

Post Number One was about turning your home into a gold mine

Post Number Two was about making money from your trash

This post is about ways you can make money from home, providing you have a laptop (or a smartphone) and an internet connection!

Making Money at Home

For me, working as a doctor, there are very limited options for working from home. With more advancing technology, you can now access a GP online, so maybe this could be an option for me one day, but until then, I’ll be doing the 9-5 like everyone else.

But what if you’re on maternity leave, or need extra cash, or you’ve broken your leg and you’re bored? Making money online isn’t going to make you a millionaire overnight, but it definitely will help pay the bills.

Online Business

Success could be right at your fingertips if you started a low risk online business. You could use your creative streak to start a blog for example. With enough followers, you can monetise it with adverts and sponsored content as a start.

When choosing a niche, it has to be something that appeals to enough people, and something you can make money from. Make a list of everything you’re good at or could write about until the cows come home- that’s where you’ll find your passion. Trust me, you have to be passionate or you’ll give up after 6 months.

Look up ways to start a blog using Pinterest. There are plenty of people writing about how to start and monetise one. Be warned though, it’s not a get rich quick, so unless you’re off work for a long time, be prepared to do this in between your day job hours!

Drop shipping is another possible option. This is where you find something to sell on amazon or eBay, find a supplier, and then the supplier sends out the product on your behalf. Do some online searches for people to mentor you who understand drop shipping, and maybe this could work for you!


Surveys are a legitimate way to make money online, but it’s quite time consuming. Once you’ve set yourself up a profile, which can take ages answering all their “qualifying” questions, you then have to sit down and do the actual surveys. I’ve made about £15 doing them in 4 months, but I only used prolific academy, and didn’t put any effort in at all. If you have time on your hands, why not give this a go?


You won’t make millions with apps, but it does bring in an extra bit of pocket change.

You can use apps for snapping receipts, like Shoppix or receipt hog. Amazingly, some of my receipts worked on holiday to South Africa too. Use this freebie to help you find useful apps. Not all will be on all phone platforms, but it gives you an idea of what’s out there. We use our phones all the time- we may as well put them to good use!

Checking Websites

You can be paid to check someone’s website for them. If you’re doing nothing during the day and you’d like something more substantial to do, then this could be it. Try The Work At Home Woman for some options.

Typing and other gig-economy work

You can use platforms like and take on work that people need online. These are things like writing up dictations, fixing websites or building them, creating graphics and logos or tweaking photos. If you’re good at things like this, why not use it to bring in a bit of extra Moolah!

Now over to you – what are you going to do to make more money? Let us know in the comments below, or come over to my Free and Private Facebook Group.

Good Luck and Happy Money Making!



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