A Beginner's Guide to Investing

Learn How to INVEST!

Welcome to the Beginner’s Guide to Investing!

I can tell that you are on the hunt for something straightforward to help you to start investing, well guess what – you found it! I’m so happy we’ve connected!

I’m willing to bet that you are the sort of person who has known about investing for a while, maybe even read a bit, or dabbled a bit, but ultimately, you think investing is too complicated – it isn’t really for you. Only old men in suits in London invest right? Wrong!

Investing is Open to All

You are looking for something more from your money. You know that saving in the bank is pretty rubbish right now, so you need to invest to build the kind of wealth you’ve always dreamed of, or to build a nest egg to provide for a comfortable retirement without stress or worry.

For the past few months, I’ve been creating a “beginner’s guide” to learn how to invest in stocks and shares – specifically index tracker funds (ITFs) and exchange traded funds (ETFs).

When I first learnt how to do this more than 2 years ago, I can tell you it was a life-changing experience. My understanding of personal finances was forever changed, the day I decided to once-and-for-all get to grips with my “money stuff”.

I used to be someone who was constantly broke (despite being a doctor), had no savings, lots of debt, and absolutely no investments at all.

Now I invest AND save AND pay off debt. It is possible.

Why do I even need to buy a course?

There is plenty of information out there on the internet for how to invest. A simple google search will confirm this. HOWEVER, you won’t always get succinct advice in one place. You often have to search around until you find the answer. Buying into a course that teaches you the basics is a smarter way to do it, because it saves you time, effort and sanity!

Why this course?

So you may be thinking – why should I listen to a doctor about investing? Surely I can ask an “expert” to do it for me…?

I can completely understand why you would think this, but let me show you why I think I am well suited to be sharing this course with you.

1. I don’t talk “jargon”

Many years ago, at medical school, I learnt very quickly NOT to use medical jargon in my consultations with patients. Its unhelpful, and can be see as dishonest or misleading. I have learnt how to dissect a concept and break it down into easy to digest chunks that make it easy to understand.

I have used the same jargon-avoiding techniques in the course, and because I am coming from a “non-financial” background, I have looked at this through the eyes of an absolute beginner (because I was one recently!).

2. I do not gain financially by investments you make

Other than a one-off purchase of this course to cover my expenses and the time I put in to producing it, I do not make any money from any investments you make in the future. You are free to pick your funds however you see fit. I am not a financial adviser, seeking to “guide” you into specific funds and make a profit from “kick backs”.

3. I took the Hippocratic Oath 

“First Do No Harm” is the fundamental backbone of being a doctor. I apply the same principle in my education programs – I wouldn’t teach you something that I wouldn’t already be doing myself.

Ok, So what will be in the course?

I will be breaking down investing into easy-to-digest pieces over 10 lessons. In these lessons you will learn about:

  1. The (brief) history of the stock market;
  2. Stock market jargon and what it means in simple English;
  3. How to set up an brokerage account and I do a walk through of the one I use;
  4. How to pick your first fund;
  5. Deciding which account to load the fund into;
  6. Diversifying your portfolio;
  7. What to do when you want to use the money;
  8. A successful investor’s mindset;
  9. Appraising your investments once a year;
  10. What next steps to take to further your financial education.

Some other Information

The course is yours while it still exists. It is initially “drip fed” so as not to overwhelm you, but once you’ve completed it, the resources are yours to refer back to whenever you like.

It comes with access to a Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions as you go along and get support from me and your fellow investors.

I will ask for feedback at the end of the course so I can improve the content for future course participants. Any updates will be automatically available to you also.

How much does it cost?

The cost is £49 for early adopters – but this won’t be the price forever, so get in now while its still at this amazing introductory offer!

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

If you decide after 21 days that you do not like the course, I will refund you the price you paid for the course in full. Bear in mind that any freebies or bonuses won’t be provided until after the refund period has ended, and I’m afraid that you won’t be able to stay in the Facebook Group if you decide the course isn’t for you.

Are you convinced yet?!

Why not give it a try – remembering that you have 21 days to “test drive” the course before asking for a refund if its not for you. I promise I won’t be offended.

If you’re ready – click on the button, and all will be revealed ———————->  

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