Investing And Women

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If there is one industry that we need more women within, it’s in finance and investment. The whole of the financial sector has been dominated by men for so long, and it’s encouraging that we are – at last – seeing a rise in the number of women who are taking advantage of employment opportunities in the industry. Figures wise, women only run 2% of hedge funds and when people think of influential investors, they think of Warren Buffett and Mohnish Pabrai – there aren’t usually women on that list.

However, things are starting to change as more women take on the roles that are being opened for them, and while they are the minority at the moment, there is hope that over time, this will change. This is 2018; we are living in a time that is finally highlighting the gender differences in different investment positions, and women are always seemingly left behind in most roles. Some people don’t get interested in investment at all until it’s brought to their attention on social media and on the news, so the real question is how much you’re paying attention right now?

What Can We Invest In?

We learn a lot about investment from the news around us, not just the newspapers, but TV stations and even from peers. If you’ve not thought about personally investing before, then you can learn where you can invest your money from the news but be careful. Investment is a big thing, and it’s not just about trading on the stock market or index trackers. People invest in things like precious metals and even in some cases, coins. You may well have seen the hype surrounding rare coins when they are released into public use, and it’s this hype that can pique the interest of those who haven’t invested before. You’ve probably seen the news reports about the rare Peter Rabbit coins, which encouraged people to reach into their purses and start rummaging for them. It’s important to know the difference between hype that’ll tank after a week or two and investing smartly in coins from places like LPM Group Limited, which will last a little longer and have more worth. It’s things like coins that become popular in the news that help to get people interested in investment where they wouldn’t have been before.

Getting The Balance Right Between Men And Women

While the hype on social media can run out after a while, (hello, do you remember the rush for cryptocurrency?), if it can help bring women to the table in finance and get them interested in the industry, then it’s a good thing! The more women are getting involved in the stock market and investing their cash, the more of a balance we will see in the financial sector. Gender inequality in the workplace is currently a hot topic – just like those Peter Rabbit coins – and so it makes sense that trying to encourage more of a balance in both male and female investors is a good thing.

However, diversity isn’t something that should achieved just for the sake of it. There are plenty of reasons that women should be celebrated in the financial industry and the investment sectors. The thing to remember the most is that while there are plenty of popular items that come up on the news, being a woman in investment isn’t just a bandwagon to hop onto. It’s THE bandwagon to get on board with. Women are a force of nature in whatever they do, and when you’ve read through the reasons why women would be good in investments, you’ll be getting on board and getting comfortable, too.

Women Are Better At Saving

Of course, this is a massive generalisation as it does vary person to person, but in certain countries, women are far more likely to save for their future and the future of their children and they do it aggressively. For example, this study here can tell you all about the fact that there are companies in Kenya that are helping women and their households to be lifted out of poverty. The key bit of information to absorb here is that the houses that are headed by women are the ones more likely get out of poverty. This is particularly prevalent in developing countries. In the developed markets, women are less likely to be the savers of the family, because most women work part-time in lower paid jobs.

Women Focus On The Long Game

It’s been said that in investment, women are more likely to focus on the long-term goals and do less buying and selling than their male colleagues. They take more time to research their investment decisions and they think longer about where to place their money. Women are noted for being more careful about the money that they are investing, so people who are using female traders are most likely to find that their money is better invested.

Women – On Average – Live Longer

Again, this is quite the generalisation, as of course there are cases were women do not live longer than men. However, on average women earn around three quarters of what men do, which is less money to head into retirement with. It’s one of the biggest reasons that women need to learn to invest, because they’re more likely to have less as they move into old age. As a woman, you’re going to need more retirement money in the long run, and so it makes sense to put your money where your mouth is while you can – just in case you do live longer than the rest of your family.

In many places in the world, women are underrepresented in the workplace. If there was more encouragement for women to get into investing, there would be far more equality in the industry. As it stands, though, there’s currently a niche for girls to get themselves educated and into finance; while it’s a niche, you’ll find that more companies are welcoming and open. There’s nothing stopping you from getting involved.

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