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The Healthy Money Planner™

Perhaps you need help with managing your money but not sure where to start? Grab a copy of The Healthy Money Planner™ and follow the simple step by step guide that helps you to revolutionise the organisation of your money.

You have a planner for pretty much everything else in your life, so why not your money?

This is a personal study program with a physical book.

The Sacred Money Archetypes© Wealth alignment Program

You're Not Bad With Money - You're Just Not Aligned For Your Money Personality

This program will show you all of your gifts and all of your challenges. You can use this to your advantage and build wealth in a way that feels aligned. Plus, you can use the enhancing exercises to "borrow" the energy of another archetype to help you on your way if you feel stuck in a rut.

The SMAs are useful for all relationships - partners, children, friends and work colleagues. This information can be applied to your business too! By understanding your clients better, you can tailor your branding, marketing and offerings to suit them. 

This is a self-study program with a facebook group.

The Prosperity Plan Academy

Money is not just about your numbers and your budget, it's about so much more! 

The Academy shows you how to build wealth through investing in the stock-market, uncovers your money story, transforms your money mindset and shows you how to manage and keep more of your well-earned cash.

No more stress or overwhelm - we've got you covered.

This is a self and group coaching program with live calls and a facebook group.


Collaboration Enquiries

Email [email protected] to request my media pack 

and to discuss how I can help.

“we cannot be truly healthy while a money nightmare is going on in the background” - Dr Nikki Ramskill

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