How To Stay Motivated – Why Do You Want To Be Good With Money?





I don’t know about you, but I often struggle with motivation. Particularly with the gym. There isn’t a single exercise class or regime in the world that makes me want to go every day. Any excuse and I don’t go!

The same goes with money. Sticking to paying off debt, saving money for a big event or creating an emergency fund all require motivation. But this will only take you so far. You also need persistence and consistency – repeating an action over and over again until you achieve it!

“When the going gets tough, remember why you started”

Changing money habits of a lifetime is hard to do. It’s human nature to slip back into old ways. One way that can help to keep you motivated is to think of WHY you want to do all these things. 

What will money give you?

Think about what money will do for you in every aspect of your life:

  • Family
  • Fun
  • Security
  • Practicalities of life
  • Health
  • Charity

Really take your time to think about this. Money touches every aspect of our lives whether we like it or not. You need to get really clear on this because it will help you to stay the course when all you really want to do is blow your savings on a holiday or a spending spree.


Now Make It Fun

Find a way to record your ideas. It can be as creative as you like! Here are the ways I keep track of my “whys” and stay motivated.


I occasionally sit down and go through every area of my life that I want to change or improve, and I list out what I would like. I use different colour pens to create bullet-lists or spider diagrams. I make little doodles of things I want as well. It gives me an excuse to buy a new notebook every now and then!

Vision Boards

This method is a little more involved, but it’s quite fun to create. A vision board is basically a collection of pictures. Print pictures off the internet and rip them out of magazines, then go to town! Use colouring pens, glitter or whatever else takes your fancy. Just have some fun with it and be a kid again! Have your vision board present somewhere you can see it. In your office, or in your kitchen are good places to start.


Pinterest is also a fab way of doing this. I have one called “millionaire dreams”. It’s filled with things I would do if money was no object! I pin pictures of beach houses, designer shoes and 1st class plane pictures. A woman can dream right?!




Involve Others

By thinking about how money will affect everyone around me, it makes my “why” bigger than me. As a result, my why is multi-layered.

Layer one: thinking of myself – shoes I can buy, travelling I can do

Layer two: thinking of my family – ways I can help them, treat them, future babies and what I’ll teach them

Layer three: charities I want to give to regularly – how much good could my money do!

Layer four: YOU and how my blogs are impacting your life and your family

Whenever I feel like packing all this in, I think of others and it keeps me going. I don’t want to anyone down (including myself).

Make your why multi-layered. It’s not indulgent to want things. It can be so easy to put ourselves last after all


Memories are enhanced by our senses. By combining your ideas with how it would feel to already have it in your life, it makes it stronger in our minds. So when thinking about what you want, literally touch, taste, hear and smell the things you want.

For example, if travelling is your thing, imagine getting on the plane then drinking champagne from a glass because you went first class (obviously!). Hear the noise of the plane. Settle into the seating pod and relax. When you get to your destination, smell the sea, feel the sand in between your toes and the sun on your face.

The fantastic thing is that your brain does not know the difference between reality and your dream. So imagine the things you want regularly – daily if you can. Remind your brain what it is you want and it will help you create it. Sounds crazy, but it works! Athletes use visualisation to win.

Final Thoughts

Be a kid again and dream the impossible. For some reason, when we become adults we put all this dreaming on the back burner and focus on being “realistic”. We then end up getting into debt to pay for stuff to make ourselves feel better. Why not focus that energy on getting really good at money management, and then you’ll have all the money you need to do the things you want.

Now all I need to do is find the “why” I need to go to the gym….

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