How To Fall In Love With Money Again





If you leave your money to it’s own devices, it WILL cheat on you. Like any good relationship, it takes regular input and love to keep it afloat.

Trust me, if you don’t show money some love, someone else will!

But there’s no need to break up with money just yet…

There is a very simple solution – start DATING your money! Literally sit down with your numbers and pay it some attention – this is how you fall in love with money again!

Why Money Date?

There are loads of reasons to keep in touch with what’s happening with your money! Let me tell you some of the things I think it helps with:

  1. You start to feel confident when thinking about money – you know how much you spend on the food shop, your bills etc, and with that knowledge comes power. From this place, you can start making decisions about WHAT you’re spending money on and asking yourself if it reflects your goals and values.
  2. You spot when something isn’t right EARLY – fraudulant transactions, double charges, unprocessed refunds…. all these things really do add up!
  3. You can track your progress and see how well you’re doing – net worth, debt repayments, savings goals, credit score etc. are all things to keep a close eye on and celebrate hitting milestones.
  4. Money doesn’t “cheat” on you with someone else! – there are plenty of people in this world who KNOW how to make money out of you. There are so many random “doodads” you could buy, and marketing experts know how to make you want it (even if you only just found out about it). Monitoring your money regular helps you to keep money staying with you, and not with someone else.

How often?

This is a really good question, because not everyone will want to do the same thing. At a minimum a monthly review is helpful. You can plan ahead and decide how every pound is going to be spent for the month. If you’re paid weekly, you might want to do this weekly instead.

Daily might be ok for some people, but not others. Personally I like monitoring my bank account daily so I can keep track of spending and check for any unexpected spends. You might see this as overkill, so it’s entirely up to you!

And then there are 6 monthly and yearly reviews. These are useful for checking when you’re overpaying on your utilities, setting savings goals and reviewing your net worth!

Resources Mentioned

Final Thoughts

So now you have an idea, you can get started straight away. It doesn’t have to be the start of a new year to get going – yu can start a new habit like this ANY TIME.

If you’re looking for something more to help you fall back in love with money, my Healthy Money Planner is undated so can be started whenever you want and helps you to put theory into ACTION!

I can’t wait to see how you do – come and find me in the free Facebook Group if you have questions.

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2 thoughts on “How To Fall In Love With Money Again”

  1. I’m not sure about the whole love money concept, seems like a pretty smart guy once said something bout the love of money being the root of all…..something. But paying attention to it certainly does make a lot of sense! And it is good advice, if something isn’t given attention it usually gets you in trouble!

    1. Yes I agree with you – I think the love of money itself is pointless, but the love of what money can do – less stress, less worry, better sleep etc is the goal, and paying it attention is the key. Thank you for your comment!

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