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A little while ago, we were visited by an amazing woman called Dr Joanna Martin. She is the founder of One of Many, an amazing coaching network to help build and inspire female leaders and to help us all have the energy to do what we want to do in life. There is no end to her talents. She’s a self-made multi-millionnaire, proud supporter of The Hunger Project, and an inspiration to thousands of women across the world.

So to have her come to talk to US about money mindset was INCREDIBLE!!

Wealth Insights Event

Before I move onto the interview, if you’d like to hear more from her, she has a FREE 3-hour training session on 1st August 2020 that helps you to transform the way you think and feel about money. I’ve been in the past and I can tell you that it’s POWERFUL STUFF!!!

This training is for anyone who:

  • Wants to feel confident they’re resilient and financially prepared for anything that comes their way;
  • Is going through a career, relationship or family transition and needs to find a firm foundation on which to build anew;
  • Has come into money and needs support to make decisions in a way that’s aligned with their values;
  • Tends to keep their head firmly in the sand about money, even though she’s clearly hugely capable of making great decisions;
  • Doesn’t believe she’d be able to make good financial decisions and leaves things up to her partner to sort out (Jo will get you in the driving seat!).

To sign up, click this link:

So absolutely take advantage of Jo’s training – it’s AWESOME!

What About Her Money Mindset Session?

If you would like to watch her session, the recording is here:

But if you’re someone that just wants the highlights, here is what she spoke about:

Question: Do you think women have a harder time with managing money than men? Why do you think that is?

Some research from Lloyd’s bank shows that in families where women are in control of the finances, over 90% have savings set aside for the family, where if it’s the man taking control of the finances, it’s down in the 80%s:

“91 per cent of households where women were in charge of the long-term financial planning had savings, compared to 82 per cent of families where men had greater responsibility”

The overwhelming majority of women don’t feel confident in managing their money, yet they are often the best at it! In order to feel confident, knowledge absolutely helps, and knowing where to go if you don’t know is important to do too. Over confidence is actually not that helpful, because that’s where major mistakes can happen.

Our relationship to money is actually what stops most women from owning our “results” in money and be able to do their thing in the world. Money is more than just the numbers, it’s about our mindset too.

Question: What are some big money blocks/things you see women doing that can be detrimental to their wealth?

One of the things that Dr Jo says she sees a lot of women feeling is shame. It doesn’t matter if a woman is at a stage of instability with her money, or independence or affluence. It’s universal!

Another thing she sees a lot are things like unhealthy beliefs around wealth. How do you feel about rich people? Do you think they are nice people, giving and helpful, or do you think they are nasty and money grabbing?

If you think that being rich is a bad thing, then it stands to reason that you won’t allow yourself to build and keep wealth.

Question: How can someone identify a money block/mindset issue within themselves?

Affirmations are a great way to identify limiting beliefs. For some people, saying affirmations triggers a little negative and critical voice inside your head that disagrees with the statement. THIS is where you spot the limiting belief.

If you say things like – “I am great with money”, and a little voice says “no you’re not, you’re useless because…” that is a place to start to identify what you actually believe and how you can choose to believe something else.

Knowledge also helps – we fear what we don’t understand, so get yourself educated!

Question: How can someone improve their money mindset?

Journalling is helpful once you’ve identified the blocks. Where did they come from? Who gave them to you? What happened to you in the past that triggered it off? Do you really believe what you’re thinking, or could you start to appreciate that there is an alternative viewpoint and embody that for yourself?

There is so much more gold in the interview, but I hope these few insights have triggered some ideas for you!

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, Dr Jo’s session was fab, and I hope you enjoy watching it and gain some awesome insights from it. If you prefer to listen, you can access the recording on my Money Medicine Clinic Podcast here:

See you again soon!




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