Hello Accumulator!

"Your Inner Banker"

Woo hoo! You're a accumulator and that is AWESOME!!

There are 8 money personalities in total, and the highest 3 results you get will have the most influence on how you "do life" and manage money. You should have an email listing out how you score in each type - if not, check your spam folder. If you can't find it, email me and I'll send it to you: [email protected]

Don't worry if you don't feel "connected" to your archetype - sometimes you just need to be shown WHY it's your top one.

There is NO WRONG ANSWER – whatever you get makes you uniquely you, so don’t worry about what you got.

As the creator of this quiz, Kendall Summerhawk* would say – “How you do money is how you do everything” and this is SO TRUE! So keep reading for some more insights into your highest archtype. You'll also receive 3 emails over the next few weeks that go into your strengths, challenges and then how you can use your archetype to align your ability to bring in abundance with your unique personality.

Sound good? Read on...

Your sacred money contract is to respect the power of money by investing to create freedom”


Accumulator personalities tend to be excellent with saving money and tend not to carry debt.  They have the most connection with money and tend to feel happy to see their savings grow!

You are highly suited to creating financial freedom for yourself….. this means having enough money in assets to fund your lifestyle and give up work (before traditional retirement age if you so choose to!)

You are financially responsible and conscientious, and others see that they can trust you with money.

Go you!


Every personality has a “shadow side” – it doesn’t matter which one is your top one. When we are over-expressed and unconscious about our habits, it can lead to difficulty. But this is not permanent, and you can LEARN from it!

Sometimes you can be so frugal that you are scared to spend money – even on things that others would see as life’s essentials. 

You might be given nicknames like “penny-pincher” or “tight-arse” because you dislike spending money, especially when you see it as frivolous. 

This can cause issues in relationships where the partner is a spender!

You can worry that money will run out, and you can feel “poor” even when others would see you as “rich”.

You have a tendency to feel guilty about spending money, and can lack trust and generosity when it comes to spending money on others. This can make it especially hard for you to learn how to do something like invest for example!


Alignment is all about matching your natural skills and talents to your finances. Money is personal, so there is no "one size fits all" approach. 

You, incredible accumulator, need to know that it's ok to spend money. You aren't going to suddenly lose all sense of control and end up on the street!

Letting go once in a while can help you to achieve financial independence and enjoy life to it's fullest. There's a big world out there, and you can use your wealth to explore it.

So my question for you is this:

“What is frugality keeping you from doing or becoming?”


Find out more about ALL of your archetypes, and how you can apply this knowledge to your own money situation,

business, life and basically everything! 

Dr Nikki

Dr Nikki, aka The Female Money Doctor, is the ONLY doctor to be featured in the top 25 feedspot list of Personal Finance Blogs in the UK.

With over 10 years of experience as an NHS doctor and women’s health specialist, she sees the impact poor money management skills have on the mental health of her patients and colleagues, and is on a mission to change that.

She believes that we cannot be truly healthy while a money nightmare is going on in the background.

She has trained as a money coach and now helps women from all over the world to improve their mental health and well-being through getting organised with their finances and building wealth for the future they truly deserve.

Wealthy women will change the world, and she is playing her unique part in making it happen through her award winning blog, The Female Money Doctor. com

When she's not making money magic she's travelling around the world, enjoying wine and hanging out with her gorgeous Husband Tom.


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