Grow Your Support Network Through Conscious Network Design

Being surrounded by people who can support you in all areas of your life is really important to help things flow more easily. It’s a concept I learned from Dr. Joanna Martin, founder of One of Many, called Conscious Network Design.                   

It’s essential to have a network of people you can rely on for the day-to-day stuff; not simply when you’re faced with a crisis. Having this level of personal, practical support is just as important as being on top of your finances and having an emergency fund to get you out of a sticky spot. Examples might include support for promotions at work, or help looking after your children so that you and your other half can enjoy a much-needed date night together. 

You Can’t Do It Alone

Being alone is no fun and makes everything so much harder. I see this all the time in my work as a GP; people need to go to hospital right away, but they have no one to look after their dog, or their kids, or they can’t afford a taxi and have no-one to take them. 

Who in your life right now is there to help you in all the different areas? You might be able to think of someone who can help you off the top of your head for one or two aspects, but there might well be an area of your life where you don’t have someone you can rely on. 

That’s why it’s so important to have a strong network of people around you — and it’s best to get this network in place now. 

Build Your Network

So, let’s build our conscious network now. 

  1.     Grab a piece of paper and turn it lengthways (landscape). 
  2.     You’re going to create some columns, keeping the first one blank. 
  3.     The remaining columns represent the different areas of your life. For example, you might have ‘Children’, ‘Work/business’, ‘Health’, ‘Money’, and ‘Relationships’. 
  4.     List these categories across the page along the top, keeping the left-hand column blank. 
  5.     In the first (blank) column, create and write the following rows: Mentor; Practical; Friend.
  6.     You should now have a number of squares, which is where you’ll write the names of the people you’re going to look to for support. 

Work Category

If you have a ‘Work’ category, you might have in mind someone who could act as your mentor when it comes to negotiating a pay rise, applying for promotions, or anything else to do with progressing at work.

For practical help at work, think about someone who could help you with things like computer issues, finding certain papers, or sending letters and emails.  

Finally, think about your friends at work. It’s always nice to have someone you work with who you can vent to, have a glass of wine with etc. These are the people who make it enjoyable to work in your job. 

Health Category

For your mentor, think of someone who is really good when it comes to looking after their fitness and nutrition who can give you the guidance you need. 

For the practical side, perhaps you could use a personal trainer, or pay for a course which provides everything you need for your fitness goals. For example, I’m doing kettlebell workouts at the moment, and each day gets a little more difficult, but it’s helping to challenge me and move me forwards. 

For the friend type, choose a buddy you can work on your goals with together. For example, perhaps you’re trying to lose weight and need an accountability buddy, or you want someone to go to the gym with. Or someone you can go for daily walks or regular runs with. 

Repeat this process for each of your columns/categories and enter the names of those people who you can count on for support. 

Fill in the Blanks and Grow Your Support Network

As you go, you’ll notice that there will be some columns/rows where you don’t have a name entry — and this is where you need to work on building your network. 

If you have children for example – is there someone you can go to for practical help with your kids? A neighbour, a mother-in-law perhaps, who can be there if they need to be picked up on your behalf, or simply so you can have a night off? If there isn’t anyone, try to choose someone who may be able to fill those shoes. 

Bear in mind that it would be really useful to start incorporating these people into your life before you actually need to call on them. Build the relationships first before you test them out and think about how you can give or do something for them before you ask for their help. When the time is right, ask if they could look after the kids for a couple of hours while you and your partner enjoy a date night. 

Then try again, perhaps for a bit longer next time. Remember too, offer to do something for them; it’s a two-way street. Focusing on these relationships is a great way of building your conscious network, because then when you need to call on them, they’re primed and ready to go. 

Free Yourself to Focus on the Important Things

Asking for help can be a difficult thing to do, especially if you’re not used to it. I was definitely in that category – I used to struggle to reach out as I was so independent and used to doing everything on my own. 

But the more people I ask to help me in my business for example, with coaching, or practical support in writing blog posts, or posting to social media, the easier it becomes to run my business. This means I can get more things done. My support network covers the practical stuff that was needlessly taking up my time. It leaves me free to focus on things like my podcast, which is something that only I can do. 

Help in my business is just one example; I’m also getting a lot out of asking other people to help me in many other areas. 

Move Yourself Forward

So, think about what you could do and who you can speak to in order to build your network. Who can be there to support you, ready to go in an emergency if you need it? 

Getting help in all areas of your life is so important, from work, to health, to money. 

For help with all things money-mindset related, I’ll be opening the doors to my Money Mindset Reset course in just a few weeks’ time. 

This course will help you to lift the lid on your limiting beliefs and clear them so you can get on the path to wealth and abundance. If you feel stuck around money, or would rather do anything but sort your finances out, then this course is definitely for you.

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Take care for now, 




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