A Very English Perspective Of FinCon18

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This year I was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship for FinCon 2018 courtesy of Rockstar Finance.

Me and some of the other winners


For those who don’t know, FinCon is a 4 day conference in America designed for us money geeks to get together to network and learn about how to improve the quality and reach of our work in whatever form it takes so that we can help more people like you!


It was founded by the legend that is Philip Taylor of PT Money in 2011.


I had heard about it last year, but was so new on the blogging scene, I didn’t think it would be very useful to me.


And I was so glad I waited!


I wanted this soooo badly….

In the year since I’ve been blogging, I’ve been gradually building up contacts online, and this was my chance to meet them in person! From chief mom officer, to bitches get riches, and the frugal fellow, I got to meet many of the people I interact with online. In fact, it was chief mom officer who had made a comment about applying for a scholarship that prompted me to try it out, blagging me the free ticket!





In addition to the fabulous bloggers I mentioned, I also got to meet many other money blogging doctors, including Physician On Fire, Crispy Doc, Dr Carrie Reynolds of the Hippocratic Hustle Podcast, and Dr Bonnie koo of missBonnieMD.com. I was made to feel extremely welcome and I really feel part of the family! I hope that a league of uk money blogging doctors develops for us too, and I’ll do my part to encourage this.


Another special mention also needs to go to Dr Cory Fawcett. He teaches doctors how to get out of debt, and he was kind enough to gift me his books- even if you’re not a doctor, his book on getting out of debt is an entertaining and easy-to-understand read. I’ll be doing a post on this later to give it the attention it deserves.


The other cool thing about FinCon was networking with huge brands as well as small business owners. Like Jonathan Teixeira of Wallet Win. In fact, within minutes of meeting him, he asked if he could interview me for his podcast! He’s very much in the frame of mind of helping people to get out of debt so that they can go on to do good in the world.



This is going to sound like the biggest and geekiest thing I’ve said so far… and it totally is, but I’m gonna say it anyway. I got to rub shoulders with some internet superstars! The likes of Paula Pant, Rachel Cruze and Mr Money Moustache were at this conference, not to mention having breakfast with Emma Drew (EmmaDrew.info), Andy Webb (Shop Smart Save Money and Be Clever With Your Cash) and Jordon Cox (Money Saving Expert known as The Coupon Kid).


Needless to say, being in the same room as these amazing influencers was enough inspiration I needed to keep at it myself.


The Limitations Of Being English At FinCon

This event is amazing if you have a predominantly American following, as then you can network with loads of the huge American brands and becoming an affiliate for them to start monetising your website. Sadly, there are only a handful that are applicable to an English market. Even though this was a limitation, the brands were only too happy to share their swag with me!

I received a huge beach bag and umbrella from Vanguard, a very handy couple of beer coolers from Physician on Fire, numerous pens, cookies, stickers and some extra points from SwagBucks (a site that pays you to do surveys and tasks online).


There was an opportunity to have your face made into an actual pancake (but the queues were always huge when I got there!), and there was an offer of a free headshot if you felt brave enough to have one (I didn’t).


The best bits

In addition to networking, I attended a number of highly educational break out sessions for all aspects of blogging, podcasting and influencing.

Gotta Love A Lanyard….


I sat and listened to sessions on running an engaged and successful Facebook group, how to link in with mainstream media, how to improve organise traffic to your website, and how money is intimately linked with our emotions.
If you’re reasonably new at running a blog or a podcast/YouTube channel etc and it has money as a theme then I’ve no doubt you would benefit from this conference. Next year is in Washington, so if you’re interested, check out their website for more information. You may also want to wait to see when scholarship applications are released and do what I did to get a ticket!

Grand Finale

The final session that really stuck out for me was on the last day when Mr Money Moustache was on stage talking about the FIRE movement. I’ll be writing more on this too, but briefly, FIRE stands for financial independence, retire early. It’s all about living in such a way that you build up assets to replace your working income, meaning that if you truly wanted to, you could retire before traditional retirement age.


FIRE has been predominantly portrayed as a white, male privilege because the media have been following a small group of people doing this (who just happen to be white and male). Chief mom officer asked him a question that really resonated with me- she basically asked about how we could bring more attention to non-male, non-white FIRE advocates. His answer was that the biggest influencers of the FIRE movement would need to direct attention away from themselves onto others who represented other walks of life.
This sharing attitude is EXACTLY why the money blogging community is AWESOME.


I was so glad she asked this question! FIRE is a very new, but progressive movement, and if we are to further advocate for change, we need to be representative of the population as a whole. Among other things, FIRE for me is about freeing yourself from debt and breaking the pay-cheque to pay-cheque cycle so that more money can be redirected for a more secure financial future. I will certainly be doing my bit to help as many women do this as possible, so watch this space….


Final Thoughts

Overall for me, the FinCon18 conference was a huge success. It’s perfect for new money bloggers and influencers especially! It’s growing in size year on year (this year saw over 2000 attendees!), and the atmosphere this produces is very inspiring.


Would I do it again? Yes probably, but not next year unfortunately as I have more than enough financial commitments. I don’t think the conference is worth stretching your finances over, but if you ever get the chance, and you’re a blogger with a money niche, then it may well be worth it. Certainly with my connections to the American Physician Money bloggers, it was a worthwhile visit to meet them all.


If you’re not sure, you can always purchase a ticket that gets you access to all the lecture recordings. It would be significantly cheaper than hopping on a plane, plus you’ll get access to everything at your own pace!


If you do go, I’d also thoroughly recommend combining it with a holiday. Luckily for me, Orlando is hot, has plenty to do, and it keeps golfers entertained like my other half Tom! We had a much needed holiday to chill out, catch up and generally relax before starting back off again. Perfect!


I hope this brief synopsis of what was essentially an EPIC 4 day conference gave you a flavour of what FinCon has to offer. Who knows, maybe I’ll see you there one day?


Until next time,



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The White Coat Investor

Sad I wasn’t able to meet you in person but glad you were able to meet so many.

Wealthy Doc

It is great to hear your perspective. I think I missed meeting you but feel free to reach out if there is anything I can do for you.

Physician on FIRE

We’re glad you made the trip across the pond, Dr. Nikki!

I’m glad to have met you and I hope you find some British Ales in the British Isles that taste better than that Miller Lite I see in those koozies.



Great write up and makes me look forward to FinCon 19 which will be my first next year. I deeply regretted not going this year and convinced myself not to (wild coincidence but my post on not going to FinCon came out today as well, hopefully you will take some time and read it). The biggest regret was not meeting with the physician blogger community that I am a part of and have developed great online connections with. Would have been awesome to have met them face to face. I made up my mind not to make the same mistake… Read more »

Emma Maslin

So pleased you had a great time! I have the virtual pass now and can’t wait to get stuck in!

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