How to Make Extra Cash, With Your Trash! – Ideas to Make Extra Money on the Side (#2)

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Extra Income

I’ve started writing posts to give you more ideas for making money in addition to your day job – this time, I have some ideas about how to make money out of your unwanted clutter! (See post 1 on how to make money from your home)

I released an updated version of a decluttering post this January. New Year is a great time to re-evaluate your stuff and get sorting. You might find a treasure trove of things that you can sell – literally cash sitting around tied up in unwanted objects!

What will you save for?

And if you don’t have much to sell – why not give it away to charity? They will absolutely be grateful for decent items to sell on, so it’s a win-win for all!

Sell Your Trash

As the saying goes – “one woman’s trash, is another woman’s treasure” (or something like that), and this is becoming increasingly true with the explosion of online selling platforms. If you use sites such as eBay or Shpock, selling stuff becomes a doddle.

If you have a variety of thing cluttering up your house, there will definitely be a platform you can use.

This is a list or places I found just by doing a simple google search, its by no means exhaustive, and I’m sure you’ll have you own that you’ll use.


CDs, DVDs, GamesMusicMagpie, Ziffit

BooksAmazon, WeBuyBooks

Pretty much anythingGumTree

Secondhand FurnitureFacebook



Maximise the Selling Potential

To maximise your earning potential, you should definitely:

  1. Take a number of pictures of what you are selling (here’s 16 ways to get better pics!).
  2. Put thought into the description and be completely honest. This prevents any issues further down the line.
  3. List an item on a Thursday for 10 nights to cover 2 Sundays (this is a much better day to finish on) – see 17 more ebay ideas here 


Save yourself money and re-gift presents that you no longer want. Just DON’T forget who gave it to you and give it back again! Platforms like zeek offer a way for you to sell on unwanted gift cards.


Some sites are dealing with more specialised items such as wedding dresses – in fact, there are a few sites where you can donate your wedding dress, and they are converted into gowns that are given to stillborn babies. are one such site that you can check out.

Making Money from Your Photos

The internet is filled with images, and a lot of the free ones are recycled over and over. You can upload your photos for free to pages like or, but this post is about making cash with your trash, so I found a great site that has summarised 10 platforms you could use to get PAID for the pictures sitting around doing nothing.

Beware though, there will be specific requirements to ensure that the photos are top quality for their customers, but this could be a great side-hustle for someone with an eye for a good pic.

Receipt Snapping

I was amazed at this one – making money from old receipts that I would have just chucked away! Yes, this is entirely possible. I use Shoppix; a free app you can download onto your phone. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t be retiring on the money you make from one of these – each receipt is worth around 3-5p, more if you “win” extra points or refer friends. The length of time it takes to build up a minimum to cash out (3,200 points=£5) will depend entirely on how long it takes you to build up receipts.

Sell (or Donate) Your Hair

Photo from

I contemplated this one once, but I wasn’t brave enough to do it. I was going to donate my hair to charity after a friend’s little sister did this with her own gorgeous long blonde hair. Selling obviously comes with a few set criteria, like, it has to be a certain length and in a good condition (without being over-treated for example). If this sounds like something you would consider, perhaps try this company or do a google search like I did –  they offer to buy or donate your hair to charity. “New Year, New You” has suddenly taken on a whole different meaning!

Rent Out Stuff You Have Lying Around The House (Gathering Dust!)

There is a company called Fat Llama that allows you to turn spare belongings into cash by renting them out (fully insured) to other people when you’re not using them. They have taken the principle of Airbnb and applied it to pretty much anything. So now you can make money with items lying around your home from a camera to a cello!

It’s *free* to list on the site, but they take 15% commission when you make a successful rental. You can accept and decline requests to stay in complete control, and the money you earn is in your bank account 24 hours after the rental start date.

And that’s it! Money (or good karma) for your old stuff lying around.


Please let me know what you’ve tried – if you have a before and after pic of you cutting your hair that would be even more amazing! Come and see me in the Private Facebook Group!





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[…] the maze of relics, as long as it might take, could help you find something that will bring in some extra cash on the side. Things such as old toys or instruments can be sold to second-hand shops or online marketplaces. […]

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