Episode #1 – Talking Debt With Michelle Gyimah

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In this interview I’m talking debt with the gorgeous Michelle from Equality Pays. She is a women and money mentor who has a wealth of experience when it comes to paying off debt.

Debt is one of those things that has become “normal” in our society, and it’s a shame, because we can do so much more when we’re debt free. Both myself and Michelle have plans to pay ours off. If you have debt, start here and then download our freebies to give you more guidance on paying down debt.

The important thing with debt is that you need to tackle it head on. Figure out what you owe, when you owe it by, and then get stuck in with whichever method you choose. We have lots of tips for you included in the video, and in our freebies below.

[DISCLAIMER] If you have serious levels of debt and cannot afford to feed yourself, your family, or cannot heat your home, then you MUST speak to a free debt adviser because neither me or Michelle are and cannot help you with this. 

You can watch here:

Or take a listen!

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

Michelle’s Debt Blitzing Freebies

My Free E-Book On Getting Out Of Debt

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