Comparisonitis – A Spending Trigger We Could All Do Without





Comparisonitis is VERY VERY common!!

Do you know what it is?

Comparisonitis is when we constantly compare ourselves with others around us. We might compare and find that we are doing better, and we might compare and find that we’re doing worse.

Now whether this perception is true or not is hard to judge from our own perpective. How many times have you thought you were “rubbish” compared to someone else, only to find that you were actually doing better and scored a higher mark in a test for example?

Comparison is human nature. It’s how we decide our place in the world, and I believe it is a mechanism for keeping us safe. Our own safety is at the basis of so many emotions and actions. Think about it. What happened when humans first came into existence? How did people stay safe? By staying in a pack and working together. If you did anything to upset the pack, you were kicked out, made vulnerable and ultimately died (unless you were able to quickly establish a new pack for protection!!).

I think comparison comes from those days. We wouldn’t pick a fight with someone larger than us, but we might if they were smaller. We’d look to the stronger ones for protection. and see where we might be able to challenge someone for authority.

Comparisonitis Holds Us Back

The problem is, comparison isn’t necessary anymore. We are all our own person, and we all have a place in the world. We don’t need to be wary of others of look for anyone to protect us.

Try telling my brain that though.

I have a serious case of comparisonitis, and for me personally, it is one of my root triggers for overspending.

  • If I think I’m “less than” I’ll spend money on something to make myself feel better – like a course or a book or something like that.
  • If I think I’m “better than”, I’m more likely to give away my time for free, give money to charity or shout rounds of drinks because it’s almost out of embarrassment (or I’m worrying that the other people won’t think I’m generous).

It’s interlinked with so many of my transactions, and I’ve only recently become conscious of it. Comparisonitis was literally holding me back from having a decent handle on my budget and ability to save money.

Well no more!!!

Money Personalities

Comparisonitis affects everyone differently in the same way that not everyone has the same symptoms with a particular illness. It totally depends on your money personality.

Celebrities for example like to feel important and special – they are big personality people who like to lead and be seen. They are more likely to spend on designer labels and luxurious items when they compare and feel “less than”.

Rulers on the otherhand might feel lacking in their career or business, so spend on courses or coaches to make themselves feel “good enough”.

We are constantly comparing, and until you see it, it will always be a spending trigger for you.


For those of you who like video instead! Here’s my 10 minute takeaway on the topic……

Final Thoughts

So there you have – my ideas around comparisonitis as a spending trigger. Start looking at this for yourself. Where do you do this? What have you spent money on as a way to attempt to correct the “gap” you feel?

I can’t wait to hear what you think.

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