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Guest Post: Cheap DIY Halloween Hacks For Affordable Fun!

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This post is a little unusual to share on my site, as it’s all about Halloween! I’m not really one for celebrating it, but seeing as it is becoming more and more popular in the UK, and I’m all for helping women save money so that they can put it towards an emergency fund and invest in the stock market, then I’m happy to share this post all about cheap DIY Halloween Hacks you can have fun with at home with your kids (or big kids if you don’t have children! – see the drinks ideas below).


The money-saving aspect is that you can easily create these crafts at home without resorting to buying loads of stuff!

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I have a nice collection of Halloween projects and money-saving ideas for you from lots of other lovely bloggers.


Feel free to print this out and try out the tasks to keep your little ones entertained this season!


Task #1 Halloween Hilda

Provided by Marcie Kenny of the site caring hands: marciescaringhands.weebly.com


This story was introduced to my preschool class and they enjoyed acting out the story with the pieces that went with it. The story was easy to put together. I took the story from a book I had called Super Story Telling from T.S Denison and co.


Here is what you need to put the story together:
1. Poster Board (but anything you can use to put the story together on will do!)
2. Glue
3. Picture of a witch (I used the pattern in the book and enlarged it to the size I wanted)
4. The pictures in the story of the things Hilda ate also came from the book. You could also find pictures of these things on the internet
5. A plastic bag or piece of plastic (I used cling film and taped it on her apron).
6. Laminating paper (optional)


The Method:
I took the witch and glued her onto the poster board than cut out the things Hilda ate and laminated the pictures I cut out. I found that laminating the pieces makes them last longer. The enlarged pieces are a nice size for the children to hold. Lasted I took some saran wrap and cut out enough to fit around her apron.



The children will love retelling the tale putting the pieces in her apron as she eats them!


Task #2 Halloween place mats 

Provided by Marcie Kenny of the site caring hands: marciescaringhands.weebly.com


These are fun and easy to make with your kids!


What you need:


1. Construction paper (I used light brown for the mat, orange for the pumpkin, black for the face and green for the grass)
2. I added a picture I found on the internet of the moon with flying bats
3 Laminating paper or sticky-back plastic to make it water-proof
4. Glue
5. Scissors


The method:


I took orange paper and cut a pumpkin than took the black paper and cut out shapes for the eyes, nose and mouth. I then glued the shapes I cut out on the pumpkin and glued the pumpkin onto the brown paper. Next I found a picture on the internet of the moon with bats printed it out and glued it on to the place mat.

The finishing touch was to protect the mat by laminating or covering in sticky plastic.


Other DIY Halloween Hacks

I asked other bloggers how they saved money at Halloween and their response was brilliant!

Fiona Hawkes of Savvy In Somerset shows how she saved money on throwing a Halloween party. By using odds and ends from her cupboards and freezer, in addition to recycling old decorations and games, she was able to keep the cost of the party down to £1!!

Nicola of The Frugal Cottage has a fab post on 8 activities that you can do to keep the cost of Halloween low. Highlights include: telling ghost stories in the dark, making a potion from things in your cupboard (adults might want to raid the alcohol leftovers!), and watching Halloween themed movies.

Faith of Much More With Less has a list of 13 films you could watch at Halloween with your kids, as well as how to make the most of leftovers to make it as frugal as possible.

Refinery29 has a brilliant list of drinks you could try making at home (for the adults of the house). Try the “Spooky Halloween Punch”, the “Vampire Cocktail”, or the “Caramel Apple Sangria”. To make it as frugal as possible, dig out what’s in your cupboard already to limit how much you need to buy.

And finally, I love these from Beta Mummy. She takes a lot of common parenting problems and makes them funny and entertaining by making light of how hard parenting is, and how the pressure to be perfect is completely unnecessary. She has some fabulous cartoons on her site and is well worth a look.


So if your pumpkins look like this:
Beta Mummy’s Pumpkin









Rather than this:

Alpha Mummy’s Pumpkin


Don’t panic – the kids will love it anyway! Have a fabulous Halloween if you’re celebrating. I hope these will go some way to helping you save money so that you can fill up those savings and investments. Come and join my Private Facebook Group to share your stories and be supported in your money journey!


Until next time,




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