How to get out of debt for good

How To Get Out Of Debt For Good

        Debt is unfortunately something that is extremely common and accepted as normal in our society. We’re encouraged to take out credit cards to build our credit scores and we’re bombarded with “buy now, pay later” messages all the time: why wait when can have what we want NOW? We take out …

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Where Am I Going Wrong With Money?

         This post has been inspired by a question I received. Do you ever feel absolutely overwhelmed with money, and you feel that you can just NEVER get ahead?? Just when you think that you have some savings, BANG! Something happens, and then you have to take that money out again and your savings go down to …

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Save Money With Ease In 2020

        Christmas has been and gone, it’s the start of a new year, and if you’re anything like me, the tree is down, and the decorations have been packed away ready for next time. You might even now be thinking about those “new year’s resolutions” and hoping this year it will be …

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The Spiral Of Change

        When mastering a new skill, we go through stages of competence. Stage 1 is unconcious incompetence. It’s that stage when you think you’ll be able to do something because someone who is a master makes it look easy and you get started, only to find that you suck and it’s hard!! …

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