Can You be Wealthy? How to Challenge Your Beliefs





How often do you tell yourself that you can’t have money? I’m not saying that you’re doing it deliberately. But what’s interesting is that often when we think about people with money, or those who manage it well, our preconceived ideas distort the truth. 

While it’s not money related, a good example of this is from when I worked in the hospital, and I’d get asked when the doctor was coming. Usually, it was an older person who still believed that a doctor should be a white-haired man. I felt that because I’m female, it was always assumed I was the nurse. (There are also loads of male nurses, and I think all nurses are awesome and have supported me so many times over!) 

It’s the same thing with money. If you have a preconceived idea about what a wealthy person looks like and you don’t fit that ideal, it’s creating a limiting belief that you cannot be wealthy or have money. It’s really worth getting a journal out here and having a good think about this, because it can bring up so many limiting ideas. And if you have got these sneaky beliefs cemented in your subconscious, it’s no wonder you find it difficult to save, get out of debt or grow wealth.

What Do You Think When You Think of a Wealthy Person?

When you think of somebody with money, what do you think of? It could be a fictional character, or somebody you know. But ask yourself, what comes to mind when you imagine a wealthy person? 

When I asked myself this question, the image I had was of somebody who comes from a wealthy family. I imagined that they were quite posh; very well-spoken, British aristocracy/upper class kind of family. I have no idea where this came from. Perhaps it was from being exposed to Disney films as a kid, where the princesses come from well-to-do families with money.

When you ask yourself who you think of when it comes to thinking about someone who has money, note down what comes to mind. Are they female, or male? Are they white, are they black, or Asian? What are your preconceived ideas around somebody who’s got money? What are they wearing? Where do they live? How do they behave? What do they buy? 

Notice, also, if any judgements are coming up from these thoughts. Maybe you think that all wealthy people spend money on horrific-looking designer clothes. When I was younger, I could never quite understand why somebody would want to spend money on some of these designer outfits in department stores. 

To me, they looked totally impractical. Like pieces of artwork rather than actual clothing. I would think, how could somebody have that much money to spend? Also, why would they do that? The idea of having any kind of wealth at all was completely alien to me, and it made me quite judgemental of how they would spend their money. Thankfully, I don’t think like that anymore.

Why Can’t it Be You?

You should now have a few notes on your preconceived ideas of what a wealthy person might look and act like. So now is the time to ask yourself: Why do you not fit the profile? Is it your age? Maybe you feel that you’re too old, or too young. Are you a mother? Perhaps you believe that mothers can’t achieve wealth because of the costs that come with having kids. If you’re a single mother, does that bring up all sorts of limiting ideas about the life you could have? 

If you don’t come from a wealthy background, you might think wealth isn’t possible for you. Or is it something to do with your accent? Your hair type, or skin colour? Maybe you think you don’t look a certain way, or believe you aren’t the right size. There are all sorts of reasons why you might tell yourself you’re ‘not a wealthy person’. 

If your preconceived idea of what a wealthy person looks like matches you as a person, you’re going to find that much, much easier to relate to. Whereas if there’s no-one else who looks like you, behaves like you, or is in any way like you, it’s going to be much more difficult for you to believe that wealth is a possibility for you.

But wealth is entirely possible for everybody — assuming that they understand the basics of getting their money sorted out and organised, so that they can actually build wealth.

What Are Your Limiting Beliefs?

I used to believe that I couldn’t own business because I’m a doctor. That belief ran the show for a long time. I’d think, I can’t possibly do this because I’m a doctor

I’ve since proven myself wrong. 

I’ve built a business alongside being a doctor. 

And, I don’t come from a wealthy family.

For a long time, I believed people like me don’t have money. I did not identify with that “rich, first-class, stuck up” kind of individual that I perceived in my mind about who should have money. I believed that because I didn’t behave or look like the kind of person I perceived as a wealthy one, I would think, why would I want to become that person? It’s not me.

Wealthy Women Come from All Walks of Life

I’ve now come to realise that wealthy women come from all walks of life, from all backgrounds and from all sexual orientations. It’s really just a case of finding them and speaking to them. In fact, there are plenty of groups (some paid, some unpaid) that you can join to do just that. 

Attend some networking groups, and you’ll find women from all different backgrounds who embody the mindset of a wealthy person. So, it’s worth exploring those. While you’re exploring the “why not you?” question, keep asking yourself, what else? Keep asking, because each time you’ll dig deeper into challenging that limiting belief. 

Challenge Your Beliefs

Here’s an exercise for you: Go to networking groups. Start looking around for people on the level you want to get to, and ask yourself who do you know that is wealthy, who has the same skin colour, same hair, same kind of background as you? 

There will always be someone you can draw inspiration from. If there isn’t, YOU are the one who needs to lead the way and shed the light so that others can look at and be inspired by your achievements, wealth and independence.

In Summary

Ultimately, we think we want to be wealthy; to have money and feel secure. But fundamentally, if we don’t believe someone like us can do that, then it’s going to be much, much harder. The more you can work on this limiting belief around “why not you?”, the more you can challenge and change your belief. 

You CAN be wealthy and a mother, you CAN be wealthy and older. You can be wealthy and young, you could be wealthy regardless of the colour of your hair or skin, or whether you’re over, or underweight. All of these stories that you believe; they are just stories. And they are not true stories.

If you would like some more help with this, please, come and join The Abundance Clinic. It’s a really inclusive, safe space where we talk about money mindset, how to manage money and how to build wealth. All of the women are amazing and so supportive, and I’m so proud to lead and be a part of this group where I learn something new every day.

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