Should I Save or Invest?

Table of Contents TerminologySavingInvestingSavingWhyProsConsInvestingWhyProsConsFinal ThoughtsIf you enjoyed this post, why not try:         This is such an interesting question! I saw it in a facebook group recently and I was inspired to write a post about it because I suspect that it is a question that a lot of people ask themselves. …

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How To Feel Better In Crazy Times

Table of Contents Not Feeling In ControlHow To Feel BetterShow GratitudeDeclutter Add BeautyTrust Help OthersDon’t Overdo ItWorry TimeSwitch OffFinal ThoughtsP.S. If you liked this, you could try:         In these crazy times we can often feel stress, anxious, overwhelmed and like we just wish we can get off this merry-go-round we call life. I …

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How To Invest In A Crisis

Table of Contents But First, Some FundamentalsRule 1 – Don’t Sell!Rule 2 – Don’t Try to “Stock Pick” or GuessRule 3 – Diversify and SimplifyRule 4 – Consider Your SituationRule 5 – Ignore What Is Going OnFinal Thoughts           So you may have noticed that the markets have dropped lately – …

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What To Do With Your Money In A Crisis

Table of Contents Gratitude RulesReview Your OutgoingsKeep Your Investments GoingEmbrance TechnologyTalk To The People You Owe Money ToKeep up-to-date (within reason)Get Help and SupportBusinessesParentsMoney Chat and Support Take Time To RefectFinal ThoughtsP.S If you enjoyed this, why not try:         We’re living in some really uncertain times right now, and it can feel …

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