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When I started on my money journey, I was convinced that to ever have real wealth, I’d need to be either born into a rich family, or win the lottery.

Since learning more about finance, I now realise what BS that is and how it’s related to my own money-blocks and limited thinking.

ANYONE can improve their financial destiny and become money savvy by employing a number of tweaks to their finances.

And I really don’t think it’s that hard – and certainly not as hard as it’s made out to be.

Yes, having more money coming in makes things EASIER, and I’m certainly not going to pretend that people who rely on benefits/maternity pay can necessarily take ALL the advice that’s given about personal finance, BUT, there is always something you can do to improve your financial circumstances.

And be ok with the fact that you will need more TIME.

So here are my tips for being money savvy no matter what your income!

Be Organised and Track

Find a way to keep a track on your money. One of the BIGGEST reasons why self-made millionaires got to where they did is through careful budgeting of the money they had right from the start.

You only have to watch an episode of “Rich House, Poor House” to see the rich people go back to their old frugal ways when they are on a tighter budget!

And if you read the Millionaire Woman Next Door* you’ll see a theme emerging – they ALL budget their money to a certain degree. Some are very detail orientated, some just make sure they are saving and investing dilligently, but either way, they do some form of budgeting.


Set Money Aside

Budgeting is only going to take you so far though. You also need to be doing something USEFUL with that money! Saving for the things you want now is a great start to avoid going into debt, but what about LONG TERM?

Did you know that the average woman’s pension in the UK is £51,100 compared with £156,500 for men??? That’s a HUGE difference, and the gap starts widening right from childhood. Women spend more time out of the pension system through having babies, looking after elderly parents, working in lower paying jobs and/or working for themselves and not setting aside pension provisions.

So start working on your future NOW. If you have no idea how to do this, book a FREE 15-minute strategy call with me so we can look at what steps you could be taking to get this sorted so you don’t have to live on beans on toast in your old age!!

Growth Mindset Is Essential

In order to believe that wealth is possible for you, you also need a switch up of your mindset. If you think that being wealthy is bad, wrong or not-spiritual then guess what, you’ll never be wealthy!

If you see someone drive up in a farrari do you think – “rich a-hole”, or do you think “wow, how amazing”?

The way you think about money, wealth and people with money is a good indicator of your relationship with money. We each have a different blend of money archetypes that influence how we manage money and how we feel about it. I have a free quiz you can take that shows you the top-most influential archetype that runs the show in your world right now. Knowing your archetype is powerful because it allows you to see where you might be holding yourself back from building real wealth.

Final Thoughts

I honestly don’t think this is pie-in-the-sky. I really believe that ANYONE can be money savvy no matter what their income, and anyone can work towards a wealthy future. The difference is time, persistence and  having a method to track, track,track!

What can you do from today to improve your situation? Could you save more, invest more or perhaps just start a budget? Whatever it is, it ALL helps and it ALL counts. You can do it!!!

Good Luck, and please come and celebrate your wins in our Free and Private Facebook Group!




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2 thoughts on “Be Money Savvy No Matter What Your Income!”

  1. I’m not a doctor, but made wages comparable to a US doctor for most of my career as a chemical engineer and later as a corporate executive. I’ve found it hard to give money advice to people who were obviously making bad money choices because they look at me and see a “rich guy” and think if they had my money they wouldn’t be in the sad financial shape they are in. Ironically they often lived in a nicer house and drove more expensive vehicles than I did, but were deeply in debt because of their spending. I would think as a doctor who is good with money that you might get a some of that kind of push back because “everyone knows doctors are rich”. Do you ever run into that?

    1. Yes I totally understand that!! I have had a few comments- but it never bothers me. I’ve not always been good with money, so I’ve had to learn and I guess I find it easier to help people from that place of understanding. U.K. doctors don’t earn a great salary for most of their career, but there is scope the more senior and more qualified someone gets to earn more. I think there is always an assumption that doctors are well off, but they’re not as wealthy as people think!! Thank you for your comment!

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