Unlocking The Key To Your  Future Prosperity - discovering your inner wealthy woman

Do you ever feel like this?
  • feel overwhelmed, confused or fearful when it comes to money?
  • know you need to, but struggle to focus on the future when you feel like you're just about living month to month?
  • feel stuck because money somehow never makes it to the top of the "to do" list?
  • procrastinate around anything to do with money?
  • know that you're meant for something more than the 9-5 and money holds you back?
  • feel "icky" when you think about money because you fear it'll make you a bad person if you do?
  • always feel like there is "never enough" and the money runs out before the end of the month?
  • believe that financial independence is not possible for someone like you?
  • struggle with comparisonitis or "keeping up with the jones'?"
Then Money Mindset Reset was made for YOU!

Whatever brought you here, I’m ready and waiting to show you how you can shift your money mindset to put you on the path to abundance and prosperity.

Money Mindset Reset is a 6 week course that will help you to shift your thinking, remove limiting beliefs and rewrite your money story to finally start living the life you deserve.  Managing money is so MUCH more than the numbers and strategy - it is about understanding your relationship with money and tapping into the wealth that is inside of you.

You have UNLIMITED POTENTIAL, and I am going to show you how to unlock it.

What Others Say


"Anyone looking at realigning their finances and getting some helpful advice on making their money work for them should definitely join Dr Nikki - she has excellent resources and support to help you get financially abundant, one step at a time. A lovely group of ladies too!"


"You are completely demystifying money and making it possible for everyone to make changes necessary to be better off so thank you xx"


"Dr. Nikki’s approach to teaching the principles of managing our finances, and understanding and adjusting our money mindset. She breaks everything down into manageable portions, in language that is inclusive. There is no attempt to blind us with science and she is always close at hand to explain whatever we cannot quite grasp yet"

 There is no way I would have had the confidence to do any of it without the support of all of you!


Here are some of the highlights from what you'll get:

Breakthrough Your Money Blocks and Limiting Beliefs

Identifying your limiting beliefs is the FIRST part of unravelling the lies that keep you stuck.   We will give you the tools to uncover these blocks and remove them so you can clear the path and move toward your prosperous future life.

Re-writing Your Money Story

Once you've worked out your blocks and lies you were told, you will eliminate any guilt and shame around wealth, and re-write your new money story and move ahead with confidence and feminine power.

Clarity and Purpose

Understand the source of your overwhelm and tap into your real purpose.  This will enable you to tackle the "day to day" challenges women face with the peace of mind that you have the right steps in place to reach your goals and dreams. 

Emerging as the wealthy woman you're meant to be

You will unlock your inner abundance and wealth, which will give you the confidence to expand your container for accepting more into your life.  This is the start of living life on your terms without limitations.

“Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.” – May Kay Ash

bottom line - we don't spend enough time thinking about what we want.

When was the last time you gave yourself the luxury of thinking about YOU and your money? 

This course gives you the gift of spending time on yourself without apology.

money is a fabulous teacher

When you allow money to teach you, you'll uncover a lot that you hadn't realised about yourself. 

You will see that you are not destined for the life you "think" you "should" have.  That your desire for more is healthy, and it is TOTALLY possible for you.  You will also see that looking after your money is the ultimate form of self care for you and those you care for - whether it is your family, community or beyond.

Let money show you the way to become the best "you", you can be.

What Others Say


"Nikki's passion for educating women on finances shines through and it's clear that she genuinely wants to help you. I find it difficult to trust people when it comes to money advice but I feel very confident that Nikki has my best interests at heart. Speaking with her has encouraged me to re-engage with some of those big financial freedoms I have always dreamed of achieving, such as home-ownership. Thanks Nikki!"


"Nikki’s training came just at the right time. I knew I needed to get a handle on my finances but lacked the focus working full time and being a mum or interest to be honest. Nikki’s programme is great, very well structured , accessible and fun. Nikki has the ability to make the material easy to read and understand the jargon and the support is fantastic. I loved learning about my money profile, ask questions fearlessly and share the journey with other women struggling with same issues. I strongly recommend her"


"I just want to say such a HUGE thank you to you and the group as you have been so influential in supporting me to make all these changes and it’s made such an incredible difference (especially towards my peace of mind!) in help me from maternity back on my feet again!"

 There is no way I would have had the confidence to do any of it without the support of all of you!

Your Whole Life Improves When Release The Blocks

of the past

So who do you want to be?  What do you desire more of in your life? What would you do to help others with more wealth and prosperity?

Your only job is to believe it is possible for you too.

Week 1 - Begin

The beginning of your empowerment starts with identifying false stories you have been taught.

We start by exploring what an abundant money mindset is and look at how it is formed and why.

You'll get a sense of where your beliefs have come from so you can begin to unpick your money path to change your future destiny for the better, and free yourself from the limitations of the past.

Week 2 - Origin

This week we will identify and give you the tools to avoid your pitfalls and blocks on this journey.

We take the lessons of week 1 and start to piece together your money timeline. 

We'll take a deeper dive into your money origins and then look at what your personal brand of sabotage is so you can avoid them tripping you up in the future.

You will start feeling clearer and see your desire is not a mere dream but a possibility.

Week 3 - Shift

This week you find  your power and start loving and believing in your true self.

This is where I show you how to start clearing your money past so you can emerge as the abundant woman you are. 

We'll focus on lots of different clearing techniques to help you maintain your progress even beyond the course - money mindset work is lifelong, and you need to know what works for you.

Week 4 - Clarity

This week is all about getting clear on what you want for "future you".

It has been shown that women in general don't spend time doing this because we get so bogged down with the day to day stuff.

So we are going to be fully exploring your future self and what she wants most.

Week 5 - Anchor

This is a fun week of exploring what you can do to cultivate and grow your new thoughts and behaviours.

Now that you've identified and started to clear your blocks, we'll be learning to anchor in those positive feelings so they become part of the fabric of every cell of your body.

Week 6 - Emerge

This is about taking your true self into the world and succeeding. 

Beyond the course you'll need to continue to work through the steps in order to continue to feel good about your progress around money.

This week is about stepping into the shoes of future you and plan the next steps you need to take in order to full embody her and bring what you want into reality.

Ready to come and join us?

  • Weekly Q&A sessions to go through the course content as a group and have your questions answered - there will also be a break every 2 weeks to allow you to implement what you're learning. (Value - $997)
  • The course material is yours for life, plus you get all future upgrades for no extra cost. (Value - $997)
  • Tools, exercises and meditations to help you to shift your mindset.  (Value - $497)
  • A support group of AMAZING women in your dedicated Money Mindset Reset Facebook Group so you don't feel like you're doing this alone. (Value - $197)

What Others Say


"Whoop, whoop! You wouldn't believe how many things I've read or listened to, which I've just crashed and burned.. the whole, scrimp, save and only pay off. Never worked, just made me stressed, miserable and, et voila, run out and spend. You were the first advice that actually seemed possible and real, and sharing your story made it even more real. I'm really so grateful!"


I started my journey towards financial empowerment last summer. After accumulating over 5k in debt combined of credit cards and overdraft, I was worried about my financial security especially with a little one to look after. I came across the  Female Money Doctor , and instead of looking at money as something to be scared of , or intimidated by, I started to learn the steps needed to gain control back. I learnt the importance of small consistent changes that make a huge difference if you stick with it."


"I was constantly living in my overdraft and had no savings. It’s been over a year since I used my overdraft and I have lots of pots of money for different things. I have saved over £8,000 in the last year and feel like I now have control of my money all thanks to you"

 There is no way I would have had the confidence to do any of it without the support of all of you!

Shouldn’t I be working on my investing first?

You see, the problem with NOT working on your mindset and diving straight into investing, is that you're more likely to make bad choices and sabotage yourself. You might procrastinate and not end up doing the work. Mindset is KEY to building wealth - it's not juust about the numbers. So it's important you work on BOTH.


Why would a doctor talk about finances?

I can see the effect of poor financial management everyday in my work. Stress, anxiety, depression and poor physical health can often be linked back to poor financial decisions. I feel that as my role as a primary care provider, I have a responsibility to teach people how to better manage their finances – a job that should be done in school, but sadly isn’t. Investing is the first of many courses I will be running in financial management and mindset.

Can I ask for a refund if this isn’t for me?

If you feel that my style of teaching isn't for you, reach out to [email protected] with 48 hours of your purchase, and we'll be pleased to offer you a full refund, no questions asked.

I have huge debt, shouldn’t I be paying off my debt before I work on my mindset?

Like with investing, managing your debt AND your mindset is KEY to building wealth. If you don't have your mindset right, you might end up in debt later on down the line after working so hard to get out of it, AND/OR you will sabotage your efforts. Resistance shows up in all sorts of ways, so it's important that you understand this and. can do. something about it when it shows up.


My friends are talking about Crypto all the time, how will this help me know which road is the best?

This is along the same vein as investing - if your mindset isn't aligned, you run the risk of making decisions based on FOMO rather than sound judgement. As you're asking this question, I'm guessing you are feeling this, so my suggestion is that you take a step back and look at what is. driving you to want this.


Will this help me with my business?

Absolutely! Money impacts EVERYTHING we do, so it will definitely be impacting on your mindset. Pricing, invoicing, visibility, scaling and growth are just some of the areas being impacted by your money mindset. So yes, this course will help you in your business. And if you're thinking of starting one, it will help you with that too.


I’m already in the abundance clinic/in one of your other courses, do you offer a discount?

Yes of course! I like to look after previous customers. Just email [email protected] and I will send you a special discount coupon.

How is this different to the abundance clinic?

In the membership I do cover money mindset - in fact, each “money stage” has it’s own mindset work too. The membership also includes trainings on all areas of managing your money well, not just mindset. It doesn’t go into mindset work as comprehensively as The Money Mindset Reset Course does, which focuses ONLY on mindset. You also get to keep the course material for life, whereas with the membership once you leave, you lose access.

How does this course fit in with your others?

I have two other courses - The Beginner’s Investing Success Plan (which focuses on investing) and The Money Fit Bootcamp (which focuses on organising and protecting your money). The mindset course is the glue that holds these two together. Mindset is the foundation of anything you do related to money, so it’s important to do alongside them.

Do you cover the sacred money archetypes in this course?

No, this is only in the Abundance Clinic membership. You’ll have 2 free months to do work on this if you choose to, once your bonus two months starts at the end of the course.

I’m not sure whether to do this now - when are you going to run this again?

Firstly - why? What is stopping you? Why are you putting off doing the work that in 8 weeks will have made a HUGE difference to the way you think and feel about money?

If you really don’t think you can do this right now, I get it, I know life is busy. I won’t run this again until next year. Dates are currently to be confirmed.

My question isn’t here, how do I get in touch with you to ask?

I am available by email, [email protected] and I will endeavour to respond asap. I do not currently have any team members, so please bear with me if it takes a little longer to respond than you would like.


Dr Nikki

Dr Nikki, is a GP turned money coach, belief clearing practitioner and sacred money archetypes™ coach who also has over 10 years of experience as an NHS doctor and women’s health specialist. 

She has experienced first hand how money can cause mental and physical health problems, and she believes that we cannot be truly healthy while a money nightmare is going on in the background.

She now helps women from all over the world to improve their mental health and well-being through getting organised with their finances and building wealth for the future they truly deserve.

Wealthy women will change the world, and she is playing her unique part in making it happen through her award winning blog, The Female Money Doctor. com

When she's not making money magic she's travelling around the world, enjoying wine and hanging out with her gorgeous Husband Tom.

access the journal prompts cheat sheet and the “rewire your brain for abundance” night-time meditation. 

As promised, because you watched the Wealthy Woman Blueprint webinar. Enjoy!


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