7 Nifty Ways To Save Money On Just About Anything

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As time goes by, it seems our money gets more and more stretched – it’s common for there to be more month than money!

How often do you take a really hard look at your expenses to see if you have the absolute best value for money?

This contributed post today gives you some tips on how you can get your money to stretch that little bit further!


Reducing your outgoings is a great way to save money, and it will help to increase the cash you have available at the end of every month. Whether you’re trying to pay off debts, saving for a big purchase or simply trying to minimise your expenditure, these handy tips can help you to save money.

1. Bulk Buying

Stocking up on essentials can help to save money in the long-run. Products with a long shelf-life are ideal to be stored at home, so you can buy in bulk when they’re on offer. Laundry detergents, cleaning products and even canned goods can be stored for a significant amount of time, and having these items on hand means you won’t be forced to pay full-price when you need them most. Look out for deals on cashback websites and coupons in magazines for even more savings!

2. Saving Promotional Points

These days, big brands are all vying for your custom and you can take advantage of the incentives they offer. Most companies now offer reward cards and you can collect points every time you shop with them. If you allow these points to build up over time, you may be surprised at how much you’re able to save. As well as getting money off your next purchase, some retailers also allow you to use your points towards bigger items, such as bikes, electricals, flights and event tickets!

3. Create Your Own Fun

Having a day out can be a great treat but you don’t need to go to somewhere special every week. If you’re entertaining children, avoid going to theme parks, concerts or cinemas on a regular basis. Instead, take advantage of the free attractions on your doorstep. Local parks, fetes and fairs are an enjoyable day out for people of all ages, and they’re often easily accessible. By changing your routine and opting for free venues, you can have a great day out without spending more than you need to.

Look out for local magazines and newspapers, because these are often a great source of information. Also, if you don’t mind using Facebook, there are huge amounts of parenting and local groups you can join to get even more tips on cheaper days out! Try mumsnet.com for example.

4. Repair Your Property

If your home is in need of repairs, you could save money by carrying out the work yourself. While some jobs require a skilled trades person, there are many repairs you can undertake yourself. Broken window seals can lead to an increase in your energy bills, for example, but they can easily be repaired with the appropriate replacement seals. Even undertaking an amateur DIY course could enable you to keep your home in tip-top condition, without paying someone else to do it. Failing that, why not enlist the help of a friend and buy them a little something to say thanks!

5. Use Price Comparison and Cashback Sites

Whenever you do need to make a purchase, you can save a considerable amount by using price comparison websites like money pug. With minimal effort, you can find the best deal and the cheapest price in seconds. When there’s money to be saved, why spend more than you need to?

Cashback websites are those where you click a link to the page you want to shop on through a site like topcashback (affiliate link) or quidco (affiliate link). You make your purchase as normal, then after some time (each retailer is different), you’ll get a percentage of your purchase back. You can do this on literally everything! The exception is amazon. They use kidstart and this must be shown to be used for your children.

6. Embrace Upcycling

Instead of purchasing brand new items, always consider a second-hand option first. While many second-hand items are still in great condition, you can upcycle them to improve them, when necessary. Charity shops and local websites have some great bargains, with many people willing to give unwanted items away for free.

7. Rent Out Household Objects

Recently I came across a company called Fat Llama. This company is a peer-to-peer rental platform that allows you to turn spare belongings into cash by renting them out (fully insured) when you’re not using them. They have essentially taken the principle of Airbnb and applied it to a much larger scale. So now you can make money with anything from a camera to a cello!

It’s *free* to list on the site, but they take 15% commission when you make a successful rental. You can accept and decline requests to stay in complete control, and the money you earn is in your bank account 24 hours after the rental start date. Simples!

I hope you enjoyed this contributed post! It just takes a little effort to embrace what’s out there. Be curious!

Let me know your thoughts – how do you save money on your expenses? You could also join my free private Facebook group for more support and inspiration!





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