3 Things to Spend Your Money on When You’re Watching the Pennies



At some time or another in our lives, virtually all of us will feel a pinch in our wallets, and will need to watch our finances carefully in order to avoid any gratuitous or wasteful spending.

Sometimes, this process of frugal living is as straightforward as eating out at restaurants less often, considering our purchases before making them, and doing without unnecessary indulgences that we were used to treating ourselves with — at least, outside of special occasions.

But sometimes, when our financial situations are more tenuous, we may need to take on a more Spartan approach to life in general, cutting back on all but the essentials for a particular period of time.

When this happens, people can sometimes get carried away and write-off certain vital expenditures as wasteful. They might, for example, start heavily restricting their nutrition in order to free up more money to spend on a startup.

Needless to say, that’s a very bad idea.

Here are some things you should actually be spending your money on when watching the pennies.

Good food, and enough of it

Food is, of course, vital to life, but for some who are really committed to a frugal lifestyle, the grocery shopping segment may be one of the first parts of the budget to suffer cutbacks.

If you’re routinely eating at a caloric deficit, or are skipping meals, or are not getting the right balance of essential vitamins and minerals from your diet, your health is going to suffer dramatically, along with your fitness, your mood, and your mental clarity.

No matter how good your intentions, you will have a bitterly miserable time of life if you’re malnourished, and you’ll lose the “edge” that makes you effective in your job, to begin with.

Eat good food, and enough of it. Nutrition should be the last areas of your life to falter when hit by financial hardship, not the first.

Keeping your essential “tools” in good condition

It may seem gratuitous when living on a tight budget, to get your car serviced as soon as a warning light starts showing on your dashboard, or to get your laptop repaired when it starts crashing regularly. But these things are likely not just luxuries that you enjoy, but rather essential tools for living productively in the 21st Century.

By typing Vauxhall garage near me into the search engine bar of your browser and booking an appointment, you may avert a crisis, where you are unable to get to work, or drive the kids to school.

Likewise, that laptop may be essential to both your professional and social lives. Keep your essential “tools” in good condition.


The written word is one of the most essential ways in which ideas and information are conveyed between people. Books are also one of the greatest means of exercising the imagination.

Even on a frugal budget, you should set a certain amount of your income aside to spend on books. Fiction books to uplift you, practical books, to help give you insight.

Web articles are all well and good, but they are, by necessity, brief and superficial. Books allow you to delve into topics in real detail.

I hope you enjoyed this contributed post!

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