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Guest Post – 3 ways to Make £1000 a month (Yes It Is “Do-able”!) – ideas for making money #4

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This week’s post has been brought to you by Jon from The Money Shed. I’ll let him tell us more about it, so make sure you keep reading, because this is important.

It’s post number 4 in a series of blogs with ideas of how to make extra money.

In my Private Facebook Group, I talk often about the need for freeing up money to pay down debt, build savings such as an emergency fund, or begin to invest on the stock market.

The struggle of finding more money

If you have:

  • Gone through your expenses with a fine-tooth comb and culled ANYTHING that you don’t “need” to spend money on
  • Budgeted every month to keep a track on your spending (whatever method you choose)
  • Or sold everything in your house that isn’t nailed down (children optional)

…..And you STILL cannot find the money to save/invest etc, then the only option is to bring more money in. You can do this with overtime, bar-work or other casual employment like in retail or warehouses, but this requires a significant demand on your time. If you have children then this is even harder to achieve!

There is a way however to make money ONLINE. I’m not talking about “get rich quick” scams – I’m a doctor! I would *never* recommend such rubbish! But if you have a skill you can share like speed-typing or website design, then you have a service you can “sell” straight away. In addition to this, are the ways that Jon is going to share with us today, so have a look through and make a commitment to starting one of these this week. Good Luck!

(P.S Keep reading until the end for details of a NEW CHALLENGE that I’m starting off NEXT WEEK!)

Making £1000 a month online might seem like an insurmountable number but trust me, it isn’t!

My name is Jon and I run The Money Shed which is the UK’s largest community website dedicated to earning money from home and I’m here today to show you how to earn £1000 from home online without a 50p online survey or click site anywhere as TMS is all about earning DECENT money online, not lunch money!!

Web Search Evaluator – £600+ a month

Do you ever wonder how search engines produce the results that they do? There’s a reason why when you search for the term ‘Football’ that ‘Tennis’ doesn’t show up and it’s because there is actually a human element to it!

Web Search Evaluator work involves you helping search engines to produce more relevant results. You basically login to a platform such as Leapforce and are presented with a search term and a around 9 results and you rate those results based on the user intention. The work is very varied as one day you could be doing images and another it could be social media results so you never know what you are going to get. The work pays WAY above the UK minimum wage and you are paid hourly so you can just login whenever you want to get started, there are no set hours or anything. If you want to give it a go then apply to work for Leapforce here.

Risk Free Matched Betting – £800+ a month

Without a doubt the highest paying work (and you call it that in the loosest term!) you can do online is Risk Free Matched Betting. This is basically taking advantage of the endless offers you see with bookies such as ‘Bet £10, get £20 free bet’. Using some very clever maths we can extract guaranteed profit from these offers and trust me, they are ENDLESS!. I’ve made over £30,000 so far in the last few years doing it and have had 2 trips to Florida, a new conservatory and a car already! I’ve written a REALLY EASY TO FOLLOW one page tutorial that shows you how to do it but trust me when I say, NOTHING is going to earn you as much money online as Matched Betting.

Once word of warning though that if you have gambling tendencies then this isn’t for you. Matched Betting is RISK FREE because we use Math and nothing but Math to extract the free money, if you are going to have trouble sticking to the line then this isn’t for you.

Smartphone Task Apps – £200+ a month

Some of you may have heard of mystery shopping in the traditional sense but did you know there is an absolute boatload of cash to be made from doing it on the fly on your smartphone?

Apps such as Roamler, BeMyEye, StreetSpotr and Field Agent all offer work that is basically ‘Go into a Tesco and take a photo of the Diet Coke Display’ and they pay £5+ a time! There are people on The Money Shed making over £1000 a month from this alone! The apps are available on both iOS and Android and are a fantastic source of income!

So looking at the above that’s actually £1600 a month you can earn online and we’ve not even delved into the likes of running a blog or ebay reselling so if you fancy earning more than ever then please come on over to The Money Shed and join in with the community and you’ll be amazed just how much you can earn!

I hope you enjoyed his tips – his websites are full of them, so hop on over and take a look.

£1000 Challenge

Jon’s post has been the inspiration of a NEW CHALLENGE that I am setting. Currently I am keeping a tally of how much debt our community is paying down, and it is going really well – the targets are certainly being smashed (we’re over £20,000 now!!).

What I though we could do in addition to this is a challenge to make our first £1000 using some or all of the methods that Jon is proposing (so in theory you could be making way more than this), in addition to good old fashioned selling, re-working the budget and spending less on stuff we don’t really need.

If you commit to this challenge, at the very least you’ll have generated £1000 by the end of the year to put towards an emergency fund, or a a f*** off fund. THIS IS NOT going to be for paying down debt or spending on gifts for Christmas etc or for a holiday. Feel free to set your personal target higher to include this, as these are super important targets too, but my hope is for my community to be waaaaaaay ahead of the pack and have an emergency fund IN PLACE ready for when it’s needed.

If you want in on this FREE challengesign up here for the kick off session with me and when you attend, I’ll send you an e-book freebie to get you organised and started. I’ll be doing a live session every month on the same theme to keep you motivated until the end of the year.

I look forward to seeing you there!





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